Traveling in China by RV/caravan

This is what we are also wondering and we will try to provide the answers as good we can.
We are Finnish-Chinese family living in Shanghai and we have been always interested in traveling to different places in vast China and around the world whenever it is possible. This is where the RV/caravan comes in, feeling the freedom instead of following bus schedules, jumping on trains or just making you own decisions This is why we decided to start traveling in China by something else.
Our previous traveling experience mostly were flights + hotels, except two trips to Australia and New Zealand were we had motor-home, and we really enjoyed the freedom.

What We Do

Opportunities for challenging trips and pleasant findings are scattered all over this country. You just need to know where to find them. We do, one by one and trip by trip we are exploring this vast country. The emptiness on the roads for travelers by this mean made us to make decision to try for our selves. Many interesting topics have came up, what is needed, where to find and what is the local laws. The highways in China are out there, waiting for you to drive all over them. We’re proud of what we have managed to collect until today


Various campsites we have visited also including review of the places.


Coming soon


Our road trips in China can be checked out from here.


Trying to gather various information for driving in China, mostly by RV or caravan.

Memorable moments from our journeys

Where do you want to go?

Interested  to travel in China? We  will gladsomely share our experiences and information  regarding travel in China including  rental/travel RV/caravan/tent and share the campsites information where we have visited.

Who are we?

Ordinary family with interest for traveling.
Two daughters  following in our footsteps and enjoying the trips to various places.

Hi, my name is Petri and also known as 大P (Da P=Big P). This is my second time in China and we moved from Finland 2014 for work. Been here for some time and wanted to do something new. Got a brainstorming and thinking why never seen trailer on the road? Most of my previous travels have been connected to my work round the globe and now ready for free-time trips with my family. Never been really active in social media and regardless not Clint Eastwood in front of the camera or Steven Spielberg behind it. Also to be mentioned not even close to any Shakespeare qualified text. I will try my best to make stories and sharing the information with everyone.


Hi, this is Lanny, a middle-aged lady with young spirit( at least much younger than real age)
Being home from work for more than 10 years makes me little bit lazy in all kinds of activities, but in my deep heart, I am still the one who has lots of dreams, and step by step to make it true.
As I wrote in grade 9:
I want to read a four year long book,
and chat with people from different continent,
I want to fly over the ocean, and play with the dolphin.
At this moment, life is going on, exploration of the world is going along
Sharing of our experience is moving on, Welcome to follow us.


By vehicle and light-hearted, I take to the open road,
Healthy, free, the world before me,
The long black path before me, leading wherever I choose.