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Petri (大P)

Driver and dedicated DIY. What is manuals? I never read them. Driving in China for several years without bigger bumps. Good hearing with elf extensions. Slept in school, therefore the blog texts are as they are.


Co-driver who is not driving so much. Concentrating on planning the trips/stops and sight seeing places. Heavy GPS user, hard negotiator and WeChat specialist selling all kind of stuff. Chinese language specialist, both written and oral.

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Kids in a van (∩^o^)⊃━☆

Hello, this is Jessica and Judy. We are the bratty monkeys that live in Shanghai with our parents. Our family is traveling a lot these past years, …

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Preparations for a summer trip to Hulumbuir Inner Mongolia

This is what we are planning in July 2021 with trip to Hulumbuir Inner Mongolia by motor-home. We are going to drive by route Shanghai - …

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Huangling mountains, drive-thru the mountains Day:4

The next one was an amazing place but we were too late to see the yellow flowers bloom No good campsite in proximity so we did some boon-docking…

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Sharing information

We will be glad to have open discussion on traveling in motor-homes in China, and give our suggestions regarding this topic. This is some how unknown territory for most of the foreigners, tourist or stationed in China. We collect information about rental places and prices. Camping sites to visit and tips about the overall travelling with family. We will give some sort of evaluation of all of these and share it on our page. This all is done purely on our free-time so the pace is not so fast but we will try to update our blog as soon as possible. There will be many spelling mistakes and picture quality would be on the point and shoot philosophy but i hope you will get needed information form us for your trip. If not you can always ask  [email protected] 

Our mission is to
share what we know and to collect what we don't know for all travellers.