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Qiandao lake rope bridge on one of the island
Qiandao lake rope bridge on one of the island
Eerguna Wetlands with rivers and forests
Eerguna Wetlands with rivers and forests

Foreigner traveling in China by RV

Welcome to CrissCrossChina: A Journey of Freedom and Exploration

We are a Finnish-Chinese family based in vibrant Shanghai, and our passion for travel has taken us across the vast landscapes of China and beyond. Our desire to break free from rigid bus schedules and train timetables led us to embrace a different mode of exploration: the RV/caravan.

Road trip Hainan 2022 | Narrow road in the mountains
Road trip Hainan narrow mountain road

Why CrissCrossChina?

The name reflects our mission: to crisscross the diverse landscapes of China, connecting cultures, people, and stories along the way. It may not be the catchiest name, but it resonates with our spirit of adventure.

Thank you for being part of our travel community. Let’s explore together!

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Road Trip in Town of Arxan and Boondocking at closed hotel parking during our road trip to Inner Mongolia
Waiting for the heavy clouds to pour rain on us at the parking place of a closed hotel

Embracing the Open Road

The quiet stretches of road beckoned to us—a canvas waiting for our tire tracks. The decision was clear: we would experience it firsthand. Along the way, intriguing questions surfaced: what essentials are requiredwhere can they be found, and what local regulations apply? The highways of China sprawl before us, inviting us to traverse their lengths. Our collection of knowledge grows, and we’re committed to sharing it with fellow travelers.




Discovering Hidden Paths: Our Journey Across China

In this vast and diverse country, opportunities for exhilarating adventures and delightful discoveries are scattered like precious gems. But how do you unearth them? We’ve taken it upon ourselves to explore every nook and cranny, one step at a time, one trip after another.

Road trip Hainan 2022 | Finally warmer weather in Sanya, parked our RV
Finally we arrive to the sunny Sanya, found also campsite close to the beach
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Memorable moments from many journeys in China

Many journeys and even more memories. Seeing the pictures reminds you of the fun, joy and the places.

Camping sites what we have experienced

Pictures of camping sites we visited in the past year by RV or caravan. Most of them have been good but there are some places that need some improvement. For example facilities needs upgraded

Petri also known as 大P
CrissCrossChina man, travel in China by RV,motor-home,caravan
Blogger/ Traveller In China

Keeping the wheels rolling and work the social media

Lanny, Mother Bear (熊妈妈)
CrissCrossChina owner, tarvel in China by RV/motor-home/caravan
Blogger/ Traveller In China

Planning, checking the routes and keeping costs down


By vehicle and light-hearted, I take to the open road,
Healthy, free, the world before me,
The long black path before me, leading wherever I choose.

Petri also known as Big P (大P)

Hi, my name is Petri also known as 大P (Da P=Big P). This is my second time in China and we moved from Finland in 2014 for work. Been here for some time and wanted to do something new.

Got brainstorming and thinking why never seen a trailer on the road? Most of my previous travels have been connected to my work around the globe and now ready for free-time trips with my family. Never been active on social media and regardless not Clint Eastwood in front of the camera or Steven Spielberg behind it. Also, to be mentioned not even close to any Shakespeare-qualified text. I will try my best to make stories and share the information with everyone.

Petri 大P

Lanny also known as Mother Bear (熊妈妈)

Mother Bear (熊妈妈)

Hi, this is Lanny, a middle-aged lady with a young spirit (at least much younger than her actual age)
Coming home from work for more than 10 years has made me a little lazy in various activities, but deep down, I am still the person who has a lot of dreams, step by step to make it come true.
As I wrote in 9th grade:
I want to read a book that lasts four years,
And chat with people from different continents,
I want to fly over the ocean and play with dolphins.
At this moment, life continues, and the exploration of the world is also continuing,
Sharing our experience is continuing, welcome to follow us

Lanny (熊妈妈)