2023 Road-trip North China | Beautiful Snow Town Part 3

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Now, heading for the famous Snow Town.

After finishing playing in Yabuli Ski Resort, we headed for the Snow Town, also known as Zhongguo Xuexiang. Many people have been warned about the road conditions and are recommended to take the bus or hire a driver. Even travel agencies show us pictures of snow over one meter on the roads. As usual, this was only for trying to sell you a driver or bus tickets.

The roads are in very good condition. No issues at all, as we had good winter tires on the SUV Tank 300 that we rented in Harbin.

To be reminded, always plenty of fuel in the tank as the petrol stations are very far away from each other and some are closed. There are few petrol stations driving on the way from Harbin to Yabuli, and food is scarce as the restaurants are closed. Drinks, snacks, and plenty of fuel are essential. Driving from Yabuli to Snow Town on road G333 was easy, only a 2-hour drive.

Snow town

Snow Town China
Snow Town Map from China Discovery

Firstly you need to pay an entrance fee of 138CNY/per person and then the bus will take you for a short drive up to Snow Town. And the prices for simple rooms were super expensive.

When we travel, we often change our routes and plans on the fly. That is the benefit of DIY travel, and there is no need to follow the group. This is our room without windows, ventilation, or a thermostat.

We checked for accommodation in Snow Town earlier on CTRIP (English version TRIP), and the prices were super high for a room like the one in the picture above, like 2500CNY/night. We checked again in Yabuli with some apps and found rooms for only 1500CNY/per night. The picture is the actual room, including a separate toilet. The excellent point is that all four of us can fit in the same bed.

It was so hot that I needed to carry a bucket full of snow and the fan blowing to cool down the room. It must have been over 30°C, and my wife was sweating and said some words I could not write down here.

Activities in Snow Town

Of course, Snow Town is famous for its amazing view and nightly pictures. I agree with that; it looks amazing at night, and the snow is on top of the roofs. Main Street is full of small stands selling frozen fruits, sausages, and many different Tanghulu (candied fruit snacks originating from China). DJs playing music that takes you by storm and keeps you warm at Bonfire Square. Food, food, and food. You can find many restaurants with delicacies from simple dumplings to local dishes. During the evening the stream of people on the main street is never-ending and everyone is enjoying the vibes.

We were thinking of renting a sled but the ski slope was closed and there was no other place to use it. Fun things are often forbidden in China because people tend to sue companies for compensation if something happens.

The nightly view is amazing.

No wonder people are sharing the pictures of Snow Town. It is like a fairy tale in the evening with the snow-packed roofs and lights making it even for an amateur to take perfect pictures.

Snow Town at Night, is a spectacular view.
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2023 Road-trip North China | Beautiful Snow Town Part 3

Chinas Snow Town in Heilongjiang. What a beautiful place. Snow have been piling on the roofs of the houses
  • Amazing sightseeing spot
  • Walking street with restaurants
  • The snow, a lot of it
  • Lights in the night
  • DJ at the square
  • Fresh air with blue skyes

Sightseeing review

Fun factor
  • Very expencive accommondation
  • Quality of the rooms
  • Limited children activities
  • Very poor breakfast included in the hotel price
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