Follow our travels in China with RV / Caravan and looking for the perfect camping site

We are a family traveling in China with rental motorhomes (RV) and caravans in various places. Exploring the network  of crossroads and highways in this vast country.

This where the name CrissCrossChina originates from. Could say, it was some sudden brain storming that hit me year 2020, as we could not take any trips outside of the borders due to the global situation.

Many camps/cities/sightseeing spots have been visited, and many more remains to go.
We will check out all possible camping sites on our paths for family friendliness and make a short review of the facilities and other meaningful items.
To be mentioned, as we don’t own an RV or caravan, the only way for us is to use rentals from different companies, and we can provide trustworthy rental information and share tips and tricks.

Happy traveling in China and follow our travels.

Follow our travels in China with RV / Caravan and looking for the perfect camping site

During our journeys, we try to visit as many camping sites as possible. Making a short review of family-friendliness, location, and facilities. There is hardly any information in English on the web and Chinese information is also limited

We are sharing our personal experiences with you to help making traveling easier.

Passing thru some cities during our travels

We are not collecting much information about the cities but this page will give you the selection to search for possible camping sites at the location.

Use the menu to check if the city you are interested in is available

Information collected in one point for DIY travel in China

What is China Road Safety Law and what else do you need to think about? Questions and answers about the driving license, rental, and tips on what you need to think about when renting an RV / Caravan in China.

Checklist and what else you need to know.

Road tripping in China, possible? Yes and here is our stories

Our road trips are mainly made in a manner just to head correct direction and stop when needed. Sometimes boondocking at parking places is a must and there have been positive surprises on the way. The most difficult is to find the overnight places as the camping areas are not so well marked and there is no real coomon app or web page to check from.

Sightseeing spots what we visited on our journeys

I don’t know how many stairs climbed in the mountains and how many old houses i have visited, but it is always interesting to see, especially the old villages. Tasting of local homemade delicious dishes and just enjoying the views at the mighty mountains