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Road trip | Easter 2021 | Beautiful scenery at Huangling mountains Wuyuan village | Day 5

Huangling Mountain top
Huangliang Mountain top
Boondocking at parking lot by Huangling mountains and Wuyuan village as there is no campsite in proximity.

The next one was an amazing place but we were too late to see the yellow rapeseed flowers bloom

No good campsite in proximity so we did some boon-docking at the parking lot

Some others had the same idea, we were 4 families boon-docking at the parking area. The morning starts with the small shops opening early, and the buzz starts with all the tourist buses arriving. After some local breakfast, and shopping for flower krans, we bought the tickets for the cabin ride and headed to the village on top of the mountain.

Huanlingling mountains

At the top of the mountain, we arrived at an ancient village Huangling(篁岭). Of course more or less populated with coffee and souvenir shops. But all the renovations have been made in a really tasty way.

The old village felt amazingly alive even with the modernization. Always wonder how they built it on such a top mountain before industrial machinery was available. The kids immediately saw the zip-line which is a 300m ride between 2 peaks and was urged to take it.

The village has a 580-year history dating back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). However, by the end of 2008, it was dilapidated and falling into ruins. Some action was needed.

In 2009, the local government pooled private investments to develop rural tourism and transform the village into a resort. Locals swapped their shabby farmhouses for new buildings, offered by Wuyuan Folk Culture Development Company. These farmhouses, atop of the terraced mountains, were renovated into shops, restaurants, and hotels.

Villagers are employed to work on the resort and also to showcase a traditional folk custom, known as shaiqiu. This involves baking farm produce, such as corn and chili peppers, in the Autumn sunshine and is considered one of the most interesting Chinese folk practices.

With a record-high 30,000 tourists in a single day and a plethora of visitors, the village has become the place to go in Wuyuan County. From the grim days of 2008 to the present, the turnaround has been extraordinary.

Source Beijing Review

Evening came and we were stopped by an over-welcoming lady at her local small family restaurant. The food was surprisingly tasty. Never been picky about food and my taste is almost anything goes down. With a satisfied stomach, we walk back to the RV to recharge for the next day’s travel.


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CrissCrossChina review

The good and the bad according to our experience

Huangling Mountain top
Huangling mountains
Boondocking at parking lot by Huangling mountains and Wuyuan village as there is no campsite in proximity.
Overall Points

Thumbs up

  • Boondocking is possible at the parking lot, 24/7 security
  • Public toilets
  • Small restaurants across the street
  • The Wuyuan village is filled with spectacles
  • The village has been renovated with care for the old
  • Many small shops and coffee places
  • Small road what we took over the mountains

thumbs down

  • No camping area close by
  • No water or electricity is available at the parking lot
  • If you are a sleepy kind of person, the noise in the morning when all tour busses arrive
  • Remote location

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