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Tenting Mid-Autumn festival 2021 Dingwen RV Camping Base

Found nice spot on Chongmin island close by of Shanghai, this is a relative new campsite.

The mid-autumn festival was coming and looking for a nice place in the proximity of Shanghai. Using the Chinese app Woyouzijia (窝友自驾) we found a newish RV campsite with the possibility of using our own tent also. Name is Shanghai Dingwen RV Camping Base 上海市町文房车露营基地.

Map view from the app. Very handy when searching for camping places. Rental from private and companies, service places, and many other things needed for DIY travel in China. Unfortunately purely in Chinese and no web page available. Android and iOS are available.

Google maps icon

Google Maps Shanghai Dingwen RV Camping Base

Baidu maps Icon

Baidu Maps 上海市町文房车露营基地 . This link is for the gasoline station very close by. I could not get the link to the campsite. Baidu maps is sometimes very outdated. In the picture, you can see only fields where the campground is.

The camping area where you can stay for nice weekend with/without kids

The campsite is located in between some farm fields and the sound from the highway could not be heard. Plenty of green areas and some forests in the surroundings. The area is including a restaurant with standard local dishes for lunch/dining. Also, we found the activities house, where the kids immediately fond the microscopes and ping pong tables. In the same building, a small shop has been set up and is still in the phase of getting it ready. There will be more food products and other stuff that is needed during camping.

The place can accommodate about 30 RV’s and can also be utilized for camping with tents also. Price is 180CNY/day including water/electricity. The owners/staff are very friendly and if needed they can provide tables/chairs and BBQ to your place to enjoy meals on the spot without the need to dragging everything from home.

Some pictures from the camping from our visit

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