This campground is on helideck at 643m altitude | China’s Tropical Island Hainan Road Trip by RV

Road trip Hainan 2022 | Camping area for DIY travelers was an old helideck with overpainted big H
Basically good spot for parking the RV, flat and leveled. But it is missing a small patio with some tables and benches. luckily we had our pic nic table and chairs with us

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This is the first time we have parked on a helideck.

Our motto was not to follow the main highways, but to drive some more minor roads to the Qiongzhong Yunsu RV Camp. The campground is on a helideck at an altitude of 643m. This is located in the mountain area in the middle of Hainan Island. A very narrow road took us higher and higher with the view of the mountains covered with forests.

Road trip Hainan 2022 | The registration building for the campsite is old and original.
The registration building for the campsite is one of the oldest buildings in the area.
Hainan campground at mountains, Qiongzhong Yunsu RV Camp front-desk

The owner warmly welcomed us and also showed us around the place. This is the campground’s front desk.

The Qiongzhong Yunsu RV Camp Campground is on helideck at 643m altitude, and it was foggy and damp this time of year. The owner told us this is the coolest place on Hainan Island. It may be a good spot for a weekend trip during the hot season in Hainan.

Road trip Hainan 2022 | Camground at 643m altitude in Hainan

Helideck for parking the RV at Qiongzhong Yunsu RV Camp

This is the first time I have been camping on a helideck. It seems not to be in use anymore, as the big H has been overpainted by green paint. Perfect flat-leveled area for the RV. Water and electricity are available. However, the negative side of Helideck is that there is nothing else other than a big green circle—no terrace, table, or benches. Luckily, we have the awning on the RV and our picnic table and chairs, so we could sit outside instead of being inside all the time.

Very comfortable-looking caravans for rent with big private yard

The caravans seem to be of the Maxus brand, and I have never seen this type before. Designed for fixed parking and not to be pulled around China. More or less a hotel room on wheels. I noticed that there was no cooking possibility, only a water cooker and refrigerator.

We visited a local village named Shihan Village.

If you continue walking for ten minutes from our campsite into the village, you can see the rice fields and hear dogs barking in the town. The Zhaikou sign at the entrance was in plain sight, so we walked along the sign to the tourist center, but since it wasn’t the season, the tourist center was closed. Fortunately, I met a kind staff member who helped solve our embarrassing problem (WC) and told us a lot about the village’s past and present life.

Shizhai is one of the four villages in the Wuzhi Mountains and one of the few mixed villages of the Li and Miao tribes in Hainan. The original Shizhai village was far from the mountains and difficult to travel. You could only walk or ride a horse down the mountain. As it is an old area, the development of the local area was lagging, and the local government has set up projects and funded the construction of roads to turn these villages into tourist spots.

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You read my mind, haven't been in my home country for almost 4 years
You read my mind, and I haven’t been in my home country for almost four years.

The old houses in the village have vanished at this point. The most present houses that were built had green bricks and tiles, with a style around the 80s, and if you look around, you’ll see that most of the buildings head toward a modern style.

The only street that leads up to the central square is a road from Bluestone. We walked along the road and slowly realized we might be the only tourists in the small village. Few shops were open, and most of the restaurants were closed.

Many activities are available, but indeed not during our vacation time.

We were told there are many activities during the tourist season—parent-child activities, such as collecting blueberries, team-building, and singing/dancing. We saw a beautiful elementary school, a mother holding her child toward the sun, cats wandering around, and dogs leashed to either a door or a fence. During the winter, the village was as bleak as the weather, hoping the tourist season would become much more exciting and enthusiastic.

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This campground is on helideck at 643m altitude | China’s Tropical Island Hainan Road Trip by RV

Road trip Hainan 2022 | Camping area for DIY travelers was an old helideck with overpainted big H
Campground on helideck at 643m altitude surrounded by mountains and forest. Also high quality caravans for rent.
  • Flat nice levelled parking for RV
  • Water / electricity / charging available
  • Clean fresh air with surrounding mountains and trees
  • Caravans for rent looks really good with own yard
  • Electrical vehicle charging points for some slots
  • Short distance to heriatge village, 10 minutes walk

Nice place to stay?

  • Kids activities, not so much of them
  • No shower place
  • No sewage water dumping station
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