Informative blogs of travel in China by RV or caravan. Collecting info on local road laws, where to rent, what driving license is needed, and what you need to know when renting.

C6 Driving license Shanghai Oct. 2022| This is the equipment needed for C6 driving license lessons

Possible for a foreigner to take a C6 driving license in China?

Upgrading my Chinese C1 to C6 driving license in Shanghai. This is needed if you want to pull a caravan....
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Haval H9 SUV front

Haval H9, is this the perfect car for caravan life?

Difficulties to find a car with stated 2.5 tons maximum towing capacity and spacious inside. Found some...
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RV exhibition Nanjing 08

Nanjing RV exhibition 2022.

Nanjing RV exhibition 2022. Several RVs on stand with many new accessories and innovations. Wish there...
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Annual check of the car in Shanghai, China

How to do an annual car checkup in China? My trusted KIA Sorento 2.2CRDi

It was time to have an annual checkup of my KIA Sorento 2.2.CRDi. First fighting the insurance phone...
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Review of MIY MYY9012XLJ03 caravan

Review of Chinese MIY caravan model MYY9012XLJ03

Review of the Chinese MIY caravan that was used during our road trip from Shanghai to Inner Mongolia....
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Car repair shop in Manzhouli

Car towing hitch support Repair - needed urgent repair |Road trip | Inner Mongolia 2021 | Day 14

Car towing hitch support Repair. it was bent and needed to be replaced in Manzhouli urgently. Found a...
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