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Road trip | Easter 2021 | Huangshan Mountains the view is amazing | Day 8
Biggest campsite we have visited in China. This one is big
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Road trip | Easter 2021 | Xidi Gucunluo centuries old village | Day 6
Village founded in the 11th century, with elaborate, stone-carved roofs, mansions & arched gateways.
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Road trip | Easter 2021 | Beautiful scenery at Huangling mountains Wuyuan village | Day 5
Huangling mountains 篁岭 and Wuyuan (婺源县) village
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Road trip | Easter 2021 | Drive-thru mountains to reach Huangling scenic area | Day 4
Leaving the camping at Qiandao lake and taking narrow road thru mountains to Huangling
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Road trip | Easter 2021 | Qiandao Lake lake with the 1000 islands | Day 2
This is the famous thousand island lake in Qiandao. We visited couple of them.
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Road trip | Easter 2021 | Traveling to Qiandao Lake by RV | Day 1
First day of our trip. as usual we got late start and needed to stay for night at service station
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Zhujiajiao Ancient Town 朱家角
Zhujiajiao is a water town on the outskirts of Shanghai, and was established about 1,700 years ago.
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Wuzhen Old Water Town 乌镇水乡
Beautiful 1300 years old town in Wuzhen, filled with canals and old building with tasty foods
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