Here is our Top 5 campgrounds in China, boondocking, activities and rentals.

Recommendation for China travel TOP 5 destinations.

We have been traveling In China for some time and kilometers in an RV, caravan, or car. Checked out various campsites and sometimes when not available stayed at parking places (boondocking). Family travel with different activities and sightseeing spots. We try to review the places we visit and below you can find our Top 5 campgrounds in China and some other Top 5 activities





Check out our China travel TOP 5 list of visited campsites

TOP 5 campgrounds what we have experienced

Hey, check out some cool campgrounds to make your trip awesome!


Tangshan Hot Springs RV Camping in Nanji...

A surprise in Najing, this campground was exceptional good. Everything even for longer stay availab... View

Checking out Shanghai Haiwan RV caravan ...

Excellent campsite in the proximity of Shanghai. All needed for some days stay and the nature and be... View

Huge camping area called “To Journ...

The biggest campsite we have visited in China. Plenty of rental caravans, a big hotel, and many acti... View

This campground is on helideck at 643m a...

Campground on helideck at 643m altitude surrounded by mountains and forest. Also high quality carava... View

Road trip in JinJiangGou camping and Arx...

The worst road on our road trip and was worried if the caravan can survive it. By nature in Jin Jian... View

TOP 5 places with boondocking

Exciting boondocking places!


Road trip in Huangshan Mountains-Easter ...

Huangshan Mountains, also known Yellow mountains.. Boondocking at Japanese sauna in the evening and sleeping at the parking lot View

Meeting our friends and checking out Erg...

Road trip Inner Mongolia continues and met friends from Shanghai. Heading to the Eerguna Wetlands with rivers and forests View

Road trip in Town of Arxan and boondocki...

Road Trip in Town of Arxan, Leaving fast the Arxan camping as our daughter got sick . Decided for boondocking at empty hotel, View

Road trip | Inner Mongolia 2021 | Olympi...

Road trip Inner Mongolia. Thaiwoo, Chinas Olympic ski resort in 2022 Winter Olympics. Paid a visit in summer time 2021 during our travel. View

Wuzhen Old Water Town boondocking

Boondocking at Wuzhen Old Water Town, a beautiful 1300 years old town, filled with canals and old building with tasty foods View

TOP 5 Activities

Families can enjoy outdoor activities!


Day visit to Golden Sandy Beach also kno...

Jinshatan Beach also called as No.1 Beach in Asia, several kilometers long with many activities and clean sands and water to play in View

Nanjing RV exhibition 2022.

Nanjing RV exhibition 2022. Several RVs on stand with many new accessories and innovations. Wish there was more caravans. View

Searching for an RV camping and suitable...

Did not find any camping area in Dalian, instead we found a fun park and aquarium before heading outside of Dalian for search for camping View

SUP-Paddleboarding in Shanghai (Budget-f...

Looking for a nice place to take out your SUP board in Shanghai. Here is one where local SUP fanatics gather and paddle thru the canals View