Here is our Top 5 campgrounds in China, boondocking, activities and rentals.

Recommendation for China travel TOP 5 destinations.

We have been traveling In China for some time and kilometers in an RV, caravan, or car. Checked out various campsites and sometimes when not available stayed at parking places (boondocking). Family travel with different activities and sightseeing spots. We try to review the places we visit and below you can find our Top 5 campgrounds in China and some other Top 5 activities





Check out our China travel TOP 5 list of visited campsites

TOP 5 campgrounds what we have experienced


Road trip in JinJiangGou camping and Arx...

The worst road on our road trip and was worried if the caravan can survive it. By nature in Jin Jian... View

Finally, sun and warmth in Sanya | China...

Tropical Island Hainan Road Trip. After being some days in in mountains and cooler areas we finally ... View

Guesstimate of Shanghai Maxus Holiday Pl...

Close to Shanghai Disney Maxus have RV rental and campground for overnight in caravan. Good option f... View

36 County Rural Resort Hotel camping | R...

This campground is belongs to one of the better ones we have visited, perfect for long weekend trip ... View

Tenting Mid-Autumn festival in Dingwen R...

By tent in Shanghai? Chongming Island, a good place for weekend stay without driving to far away. Th... View

TOP 5 places with boondocking


Beautiful scenery at Huang Ling Jing Qu ...

Boondocking at parking lot by Huangling mountains and Wuyuan village as there is no campsite in proximity of the place View

Searching for an RV camping and suitable...

Did not find any camping area in Dalian, instead we found a fun park and aquarium before heading outside of Dalian for search for camping View

Tianbian Grasslands and spectacular Circ...

Color blast from the entrance of camping area in Manzhouli by caravan and the Russian style Circus at Matryoshka Square. View

Painful fire ants and to boondock in Pin...

This time we decided to boondock in Pinghai Yilong Bay. This is a great place for short weekend trip to stay by car,RV or tent View

Shanghai to Haizhou Bay | Road trip | In...

The long trip started and heading north by highway. The road conditions are excellent and not so much traffic. small beach with many sea food restaurants View

TOP 5 Activities

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