Here is our Top 5 campgrounds in China, boondocking, activities and rentals.

Recommendation for China travel TOP 5 destinations.

We have been traveling In China for some time and kilometers in an RV, caravan, or car. Checked out various campsites and sometimes when not available stayed at parking places (boondocking). Family travel with different activities and sightseeing spots. We try to review the places we visit and below you can find our Top 5 campgrounds in China and some other Top 5 activities





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TOP 5 campgrounds what we have experienced

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Weekend trip to Wuzhen International Cam...

First time rented RV in China and heading for Wuzhen and a big surprise was waiting for us open arri... View

Shenyang General Aviation RV Campground ...

A small campground kept my older man and his son. Good to stay overnight and enjoy the view of the l... View

Swinging coconut trees at the beachfront...

Beachfront RV camping with swinging coconut trees surrounding you and only 80km from Haikou, Hainan View

TOP 5 places with boondocking

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