Continuing the trip to Ban Ma RV & Park | Road trip | Inner Mongolia 2021 | Day 2

Ban Wa RV & Park

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Ban Ma RV & Park, the camp has been set up, and time to take care of some remote work.

Slowly heading for Qingdao, we found a camping place in Yantai. Recommended from various forums and the internet. The name is Ban Ma RV & Park, and checked in with ease. The spot for our caravan and car was entirely in the bushes, which is expected here, as DIY travels are not so every day. They had electricity/water available, so for one night, it was ok. We are in a little hurry as we will meet some friends in Inner Mongolia and need to keep some schedule so as not to be so much sightseeing on the way.

Early morning wake-up call

Early morning wake-up at 6 AM, heaven poured rain like never before. Our awning had collapsed, and also the mosquito tent under it. I rushed out to save some of the shoes and other stuff, but they mainly had soaked already. To be too confident about the weather might hit you when sudden changes. One hint is also to have some weights on the awning legs in the windy area. Luckily, only our shoes and some clothes got wet, + I was like swimming with clothes on. Lessons learned: check the forecast.

This was a big place with yurts and fixed caravans and not so much for kids in the camping place. Outside, instead, there was a park with the longest slide I had ever seen. Unfortunately, it was not open during our visit.

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CrissCrossChina review

Continuing the trip to Ban Ma RV & Park | Road trip | Inner Mongolia 2021 | Day 2

Ban Wa RV & Park
Overnight at Ban Ma RV & Park and having a terrible wake up in the morning with thunder, heavy winds and our awning breaking + getting soaking wet.
  • The flowers are overwhelmingly surrounding you
  • Water/electricity available
  • Public toilets
  • Friendly staff
  • You can have long walks in the area
  • Loooong water slide
  • Short distance, 30 min drive from one of the most famous beaches in China

Nice place to stay?

  • Not so many activities inside the camping area for kids
  • Could not find any shops
  • No public shower
  • No sewage emptying point
  • The water slide was closed and also other external activities were. This was in July and should be tourist season

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