Arrival to Dalian and in search for RV campsite

Arrived early morning to Dalian and started the search for a suitable campsite. This is a major issue and there is no really good information available.

Xinghaiwan RV Camp 星海湾房车营地 – closed as per July 2021

In Dalian searching for an RV camp and a suitable beach

The problem in China is that there are no whole China maps available for camping sites and the app we are using has the limitation of max 200km distance from where you are. It was somehow hit and miss. Unfortunately, the first one is closed for some reason and it was a pity as the location was very good. Close to the city center at Xinhai Park 星海公园 area called Xinghaiwan RV Camp 星海湾房车营地. Going for the next one.

Even this was close to the city and very close to the fun park the fact that’s closed. It was a pity as it would have been a perfect spot.

Xinhai amusement Park 星海公园 loacted at the beach close by Xinghaiwan RV Camp

Visited this small amusement park at the pier. Underground they have a big aquarium and at ground-level an amusement park. Small but nice and worthy for visiting and there was some more to see, like the beach and scenic spots.

In Dalian searching for an RV camp and a suitable beach

We continued for the search and the second one was also close to the seashore and have several fixed caravans, but no space inside the camping area. They gave us space outside on the parking lot and provided us with electricity and water by extensions. As they did not have the right to use the parking lot, later who owns it, started asking us for additional money, meaning double costs. We decided that finding other options is now what we should prioritize. Got a hint from a friend that we should head for Golden Pebble beach 金石滩

Golden Pebble Beach 金石滩

Golden Pebble Beach 金石滩

Found a stranded ship on the way and it’s in the middle of the road. Someone already has the swimming suit on and waiting for the beach eagerly.

In Dalian searching for an RV camp and a suitable beach

Firstly I need to say this place is humongous. This is the map of different places in the area. So many places to choose from. We wanted to be as close to the beach as possible as the girls have been looking for swimming. So we turned the caravan in the direction of the closest beach where we could stay.

links to the location in the next post and really don’t know the place name. The closest place on the map I could find was Gold Coast Western District Barbecue Restaurant 黄金海岸西区烧烤店 and they had several fixed caravans and one place for us with electricity and water.

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