36 County Rural Resort Hotel camping 千岛湖36都乡宿度假酒店

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Taking it easy at the camping site, name in Chinese is 千岛湖36都乡宿度假酒店

This place is a good choice if you want to visit Qiandao Lake and need a place to stay overnight, the only problem is the distance, about 50km.

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After a well-slept night, we took a walk around the campsite. This place is clean and had some bamboo forest in the surroundings. Many trailers and cottages are in the area for rental. Large swimming pool in the middle of the camping site, but as we were there off-season it was empty. According to personnel in the peak season, this place will have a lot of people swimming. Today it was quiet as the fellow RV campers also left.

Notice, 300m from the main gate a new water park is been built and I suspect it will be ready summer 2021.

Have been practicing together with my daughter to fly with the drone, but many times forgot to push the record button 🙁 Therefore the videos are quite short. I even “took” some video of the whole campsite from above but the file is missing, hah. Maybe never existed. Well practice and learning from mistakes is what makes life interesting.

Short video of the surroundings. As seen in the video the water park is very close.

This is a very quiet place and there are not many shops or restaurants in proximity so prepare some food/snacks if you don’t want to drive out.

You can have some breakfast in the main building. On weekends it is buffet type and weekdays they will bring you some to your table. It was a little bit pricey but the buffet and the weekday breakfast did not leave you hungry. Price was 56CNY/person.

Afternoon we took a walk around the surrounding areas. Not so much to see, some houses and a small groceries shop with basic stuff (good section of cigarettes and liqueur). The small shop we visited was a sleepy local shop with a granny sitting and keeping an eye on us. Locally made honey was also available, but as we already have honey from Xi’an and we passed this one. Quick tour in the bamboo forest and we found some roots that we will use later at dinner time. Asked locals for permission to pick and this was OK if not picking up too many. Also, one of the camping staff helped to find additional smaller roots and was eager to show us where to pick. This was inside of the camping, so if needed you can get roots easily for cooking.

You have several choices for staying here so let’s go thru them one by one.

First of all, staying with own RV/motor-home.

Price was alright with 200CNY/day including water/electricity and facilities. The parking was beside a big grassland and you would need a long extension cord for connection if several RVs at camping. Here you can take out your camping table and sit outside and watch the kids play.

The Colorful hotel on top of the hill.

This was a hotel made from containers and the rooms were spacious and very nice. Big terrace on the backside for morning coffee or enjoying a beer in the evening. In the basement, some small activities like a pool table are available for use. What we know about the price is offseason and that is 500-600CNY/night

The next one is the lodging houses.

These rooms are very spacious and all of them have different themes. There are family rooms, farmer rooms and so on. Something else worth to be mentioned that each of them has a balcony and private front yard with a fence around. Each house has two separate rooms for 2 families. The quality was superb and very nice. The pricing varies and we only have the offseason price and that would be around 700-2100CNY/day. The swimming pool is just beside and easy to access.

The trailer park is populated only with KNAUS trailers.

The quality should be on the better side. There couple of different sizes and bed arrangements so depending on your needs you need to check it out. In front of the caravan, you have plenty of space for breakfast, if you want to eat outside. All caravans have A/C, cooking possibilities, and showers/toilets. The price is offseason and goes with 300-500CNY/day pricetag.

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Evening came quickly and prepared some dinner with the fresh bamboo roots. As usual, it is not the lightest dinner but it tastes so good to eat outside, without the noise of Shanghai’s busy streets.

Now it is time for the ratings again. This place is easy 4 CrissCrossPoints and when the water park is ready maybe 4.5 points.

CrissCrossPoints 4
CrissCrossPoints 4

Positive things

  • Easy check-in. No hassle. Only needed to show my exit/entry stamps + visa
  • All Staff friendly
  • Quality of the lodging in the hotel, trailers, and houses
  • Water/electricity available for RVs
  • Breakfast-maybe to lower the price a little bit
  • Many activities in the area
  • Big swimming pool – offseason not filled but summer would be perfect.
  • When ready, The water park
  • Movie nights outside on the large screen
  • Kitchens for campers
  • Clean and quiet
  • The trailer park arrangement is done with good spacing.
  • Facilities for toilet/shower


  • Outside we could find only one small restaurant and shop.
  • Distance from everything, except water park.
  • Could not find a washing machine but I suspect they have it.
  • For RVs, it could be made an own area with some own space.

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