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Day visit to Golden Sandy Beach also known as Jinshatan Beach | Road trip | Inner Mongolia 2021 | Day 3

Jinshatan Beach also called as No.1 Beach in Asia, several kilometers long with many activities and clean sands and water to play in

3.5km long beach day today, Golden Sandy / Jinshatan Beach

The next day we took a day trip to the local beach, Golden Sandy Beach, only 30 minutes drive from the camping, and it was one of the best beaches I have visited in China. Very clean and nice, with cleaners and guards working to keep it tidy and safe.

The beach is about 3,500m long and 300m wide and known as “The number No. 1 beach in Asia”.

Jinshatan Beach can be divided into seven areas: exhibition area, sports area, children’s land, seashore entertainment area, bathing area, leisure area and shopping area. The recreational facilities are well equipped. During the day, visitors can go yachting, speed boating or surfing. Football and volleyball matches are held here, as well as musical performances and evening parties. After a busy day, it is good to have a relaxing bath in the bathing area, then camp on the Golden Sand Beach and enjoy the beautiful night.

Having fun on the beach was a relaxing moment for all of us. The day was a bit murky, but that did not stop us from having fun.

Finding the local food street in

Evening we headed for the famous food street. The restaurants were packed, and needed to wait in a queue to get in.

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Jinshatan Beach also called as No.1 Beach in Asia, several kilometers long with many activities and clean sands and water to play in

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  • Spotless and well maintained, cleaners working all-time at the beach
  • Long beach with many activities, surely most of them you need to pay for.
  • Small shops for snacks and beach activities
  • Plenty of parking space
  • Water is clean and fun to play in


  • Showers for the visitors expensive and most of the lights were out
  • The prices of the activities are a little bit high

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