Finally, sun and warmth in Sanya | China’s Tropical Island Hainan Road Trip by RV

Road trip Hainan 2022 | Finally warmer weather in Sanya, parked our RV

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Found an exciting campground in the proximity of the beach during our Tropical Island Hainan Road Trip

This starts to look like we are in heaven. Sun, warmth, and the beach are close instead of chilly and mountains. We are halfway through China’s Tropical Island Hainan Road Trip and plan to stay at Thirteen Village No. 1 (Mid-mountain Peninsula) RV camp for some days.

Several RVs at the campground in Hainan. The weather is perfect and beach closeby
Some others have also found the fun in travelling in Hainan by RV.

The check-in was easy, and we found our spot between other RVs.

Now it’s time to enjoy the weather in December during China’s Tropical Island Hainan Road Trip. This is what we have been waiting for—unloading the picnic tables and chairs and preparing for relaxing time.

The campsite was large with many activities available. BBQ, bars, rental of paddle boards, and small children’s playground. Vast grass areas where you can play badminton or throw the frisbee.

24-hour open big Daily Mart convenience store just 7 minutes walk away if needed to fill the refrigerator or buy toys to play in the water.

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Clean public toilets and water supply are available if you don’t want to fill up your sewage tank and need to refill the RV’s water tank.

Friendly warning regarding the electrical connections at the campsite

Electrical junction box, no earth connect at campground in Sanya

One critical thing that needs to be pointed out. I’m an electrician by profession, and when I touched the RV’s body, I felt tingling on my fingertips. I immediately checked the junction box with the power supply and noticed the earth was disconnected. This is a significant safety hazard if there is some fault in the RV’s electrical systems. Especially when coming from the beach barefoot and wet and touching the body of the car, you might get electrocuted. Also, I could not see any earth fault relay for protection. I called the owner, and they fixed it improperly, but what can you do? It is safe for a short period.

The beach just beside the campground was clean with clean water.

Girls hunted seashells and small crabs but did not want to go swimming. Strange, they usually jump immediately in the wawes. The beach was clean and well taken care of. Coral is everywhere, and it would be nice to do some scuba diving. That has been planned but cancelled as I also started to feel Covid symptoms. Not so many beach pictures, but it looks well worth a visit.

We have to cancel the remaining road trip. This is the reason.

My wife has been complaining of headaches for several days and is not feeling well. Confirmed finally, we were hit by Covid-19. After this confirmation, we all started to have symptoms and realized that the RV might not be the best place for four persons to suffer simultaneously. We wait for one day and see how to proceed. The next day, we decided to go overnight at the hotel and return the RV as we also changed our flight schedule to fly back to Shanghai on 24th December instead of 30th. Safety comes first, and handling the symptoms at home is more manageable. We got a refund for the RV rental, so thanks to the renter—of course, not all of them, but at least something.

Unfortunately, we did not have time to explore Sanya and need to keep the old memories from the year 2003

Positive test ended our Hainan Road trip. Left home as it is safe and  nice to be at home while sick.
This ended our Hainan road trip in 2022.
First time in Hainan year 2003 | Year we met, long time ago
The first time visiting Hainan was in 2003. We will be back to continue our journeys
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Finally, sun and warmth in Sanya | China’s Tropical Island Hainan Road Trip by RV

Road trip Hainan 2022 | Finally warmer weather in Sanya, parked our RV
Tropical Island Hainan Road Trip. After being some days in in mountains and cooler areas we finally arrived to Sanya
  • Big, clean and grass covered campground
  • Clean public toilets available
  • BBQ and bar in the campground area
  • Big 24h Daily mart just 7 minutes walking distance
  • Closed area with security

Nice place to stay?

  • Electrical connection is dangerous
  • During off-season most of the activities closed
  • Paddle boards for members only
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