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Golden Pebble Beach, finally found a place to stay in Dalian |Road trip | Inner Mongolia 2021 | Day 5-6

Golden Pebble Beach
After searching in Dalian for multiple camping's we finally found one we can stay at. Huge beach with many places to choose from for our caravan

Found some camping in the proximity of the beach

And now it is time for camping in Dalian. Found a suitable place for the caravan, settled down, took out our camping gear, and connected the water and electricity. The ski box on top of the car was packed with beach toys and extra clothes, adding 750L more space. We also had with us picnic tables and chairs so we could sit outside when possible.

Golden Pebble Beach is located in Jinshitan Scenic Area, it is a 50km drive northeast of Dalian, and it did not take long to drive there by the highway.

The weather in Dalian at this time was perfect, not too hot or cold, and the sun was shining.

Golden Pebble beach in Dalian with caravan hotel
Beach was a couple of kilometers long and very quiet. Even in July, not so many people traveling

The beach was long and had fine sand but, unfortunately, rubbish here and there. Mostly from city people who come for daily picnics or during evening parties at the beach. I wish there were more trash bins and the parents would act as examples and pick up the rubbish.

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Dalian Golden Pebble Beach
Wondering if I should go swimming
Small restaurant and shop at the beach in Dalian, Golden pebble beach
A small restaurant at the beach and a small shop for snacks and drinks were open until late at night.

They had the cleanest toilets on our trip. The standard squatting toilet, but when you get used to it, it is ok. The cleaner slept at the end of the row of the toilets and, if anyone flushed, immediately went there to mop it. Have to mention this as I have seen many terrible ones.

Grand light show in the city center of Dalian

The evening came, and we headed for Dalian city to see the Grand light show in the city center at Xinghai Square. Light Show is held every day at 18:00, 18:30, and 19:00. This is one of the biggest squares in Asia, and the light show was amazing. Just to take a break from the beach activities and see something else.

Fisherman’s Wharf

After the stunning light/fountain show headed for the Fisherman wharf. Fishermen’s Wharf is a seaside community built in the style of an American east-coast village in the early 20th century. We were too late as almost everything was closed, and the building breathed late 20th century with fog closing in. You could even see the water particles in the air.

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Farewell to Pebble Beach In Dalian
Time to say goodbye to Golden Pebble beach. It was worth it

Golden Pebble Beach, finally found a place to stay in Dalian |Road trip | Inner Mongolia 2021 | Day 5-6


After searching in Dalian for multiple camping’s we finally found one we can stay at. Huge beach with many places to choose from for our caravan
Golden Pebble Beach

Our evaluation of the campsite

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  • The beach is among the best ones we have visited
  • Small shop/restaurant available, a short drive you can even find Hard Rock Hotel
  • Electricity and water for caravan (1 space)
  • Friendly staff
  • Have to put it here, toilets were the cleanest what I have seen
  • Close by you can find many places to visit


  • Only one spot with electricity and water for DIY travel
  • During the weekend little bit noisy from party people from Dalian arrives
  • Some rubbish in the area

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