Cancelled Hainan trip

Postponed Shanghai-Hainan CNY2021

This is purely a plan and there is a big reservation for cancellation for the trip due to the situation in China

Our next destination is Hainan

Now when the Chinese Spring Festival is coming, we have start to plan our holiday trip to Hainan, the tropic city in China.

The other family plans to join us for the 10-15 days trip and we plan to return the RV in Hainan instead of driving back and forward we were able to agree on a one-day rental with the other company. 

The route we will be driving to Hainan is the along coastline, taking stops in different cities for a sightseeing.

On the base of above facts, we start our primary plan by asking quotation from different renting company.

Both companies quoted with discount price,.

Tiande RV renting company has a bigger RV, higher price, and no possibility of drop off the RV in Hainan, also very unclear cancelation policy if needed.

Shanghai Maxus Holiday Plaza RV Park is with smaller RV, there is the possibility for one-way rental and leave RV to their Haikou or Sanya camping base, this is a huge advantage compared to the other,  as we investigated that they might be the only possibility in China at this moment and leaving us the choice for taking flight or even drive back to Shanghai in case situation changes.

The other benefits from them are that they have a very clear cancellation policy, at the latest 4 days earlier, you can have free cancellation. This is a great benefit for Maxus.

As of today 1st of Feb. we have decided that to postpone this trip. The situation is changing all the time and restrictions are getting harder and harder. Don’t want to take the risk for COVID-19 or needed quarantine for me or other family members. Kids need to go to school and I need to go to work.

We will try to have some local short (Shanghai) trips and check the surrounding campsites if possible. The Hainan trip will be on our schedule later on.

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