Haval H9, is this the perfect car for caravan life?

Haval H9 SUV front

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Here’s a difficult problem: finding a car that can legally tow a caravan.

It seems I’ve hit a brick wall by trying to change the KIA Sorrento SUV documentation to include a maximum towing capacity of max. By checking the internet it is 2000kg but I can’t get official documentation for my model to support it.

New laws for caravans. Towing capacity must be shown on car documents in China
From April 2022, the maximum towing capacity of the must be on the car’s documents in China.

So I started looking for a used car or a new car that had this marked on the car papers. The first attempt was to go to some second-hand dealers in Shanghai. The cars out there are so old, it seems like the car needs to be a 2022 model in most cases. I think only some pickup trucks have this option on older models, and only one older model, the Volvo XC90 T8, has this possibility. There is no official list of which models will have this feature.

A quick check on the internet via Baidu revealed that a few cars have maximum tow ratings for the 2022 model year . Information is very scattered, only 4WD models can be equipped with towing devices. The Haval H9 seems to be very popular and they openly promote this on their page. When buying a car, one thing that comes up is documentation. By default, the car does not have a maximum traction of up to . You need to apply to join the Vehicle Administration Bureau of the Public Security Bureau.

I’ll try to see if the local PSB has any tows from this place List of approved models of caravans.

This is the Vehicle Administration Bureau of Shanghai Public Security Bureau

Some models to which towing arrangements can be added

Found some information about SUV cars with the help of translation application/Baidu.com. It may not be 100% accurate

  • Haval H9 has a maximum towing capacity of 2.5 tons
  • Land Rover Discovery No information found on the maximum traction reached
  • Tank 300 has a maximum towing capacity of 3.2 tons
  • Volvo XC90 T8‘s maximum towing capacity reaches 2.4 tons
    • Got this information from a friend.
  • Volvo XC60
  • **Volvo XC40’s highest Towing capacity reaches 1.5 tons
  • **Volvo Polestar 2 has a maximum towing capacity of 1.5 Ton
  • * F150 4.128 tons
    • I didn’t find an official local page and assume the F150 is an imported model
  • * SAIC Maxus T70/T90 has a maximum towing capacity of 3 tons
  • SAIC Maxus D90 Professional has a maximum towing capacity of 3.2 tons
  • * Great Wall pickup truck, several models 2.5 tons
  • **Nio ES7 has a maximum towing capacity of 2 tons
  • **Nio ES8 has a maximum towing capacity of 1.5 tons
  • Tesla Model 3 has a maximum towing capacity of 910kg


Haval H9 traction connection 2.5t capacity. Haval H9 Electrical connections for caravans. This is for reference only and needs to be selected individually.

Haval H9 four-wheel drive short test drive

Since there were no options at the thrift store, I went to my local Haval sale. The salesperson first commented that it was impossible to tow anything in China. Luckily, I have some information on my web page that I’ve gathered and pulled up on my phone that shows the regulations. With new regulations coming into effect in April 2022, few people know this and, moreover, pulling caravans is not common in China. This is even more true now that new laws require a C6 driver’s license. Previous laws regarding the maximum traction of a were very marginal. It’s more or less left up to humans to judge what a car can tow, and there’s no mention of a maximum towing weight in the car’s documentation.

The Haval H9 is a spacious and roomy car

Haval H9

The Haval H9 has a maximum towing capacity of 2.5 tons for an SUV. I don’t know how they get 165 kW/385 Nm from a 2-litre turbo engine. It’s amazing, enough to pull a caravan. I think this one is a 2021 model year, based on sales, and cannot be registered to tow a caravan.

In any case, Haval H9 is a Big car with electronic gimmicks. What Haval H9 doesn’t have, you don’t need. The quick test drive was short, just around the block. The ride was too short, but the ride felt great. The only complaint I can find is that the power steering feels too light, I learned it can be adjusted. The price of the top model is approximately 260,000 yuan = 37,000 euros. Unfortunately, I couldn’t write a full car review for this brief test. This one is my favorite so far.

The next one we checked out was the Trumpchi GS8

Another competitor we checked out in the same SUV size and price class is the Trumpchi GS8. There are two models to choose from, one hybrid and one with a petrol engine. The petrol 2.0TGDI version has 185kW/400Nm, while the hybrid version is the Trumpchi 2.0TM 140kW/320Nm + electric 134kW/270Nm. . The salesperson couldn’t find any information on the top towing capacity of the , so I didn’t even take it for a test drive. Maybe the hybrid could be equipped with a tow option since it’s 4WD? I don’t know because I can’t find any information about this. It’s a good-looking car at a price equal to the Haval H9. A few photos were taken as I immediately lost interest in the car when told it couldn’t be equipped with towing gear.

Trump General Society 8

There’s a huge grille up front. I like this car, but couldn’t find any information on the maximum towing capacity achieved – especially on this car since it’s only two-wheel drive. From what I understand, only 4×4’s can have it. I’m not sure if the hybrid version has it since that version is 4WD. No information available

This car is also a large SUV
Display on Trumpchi GS8

The last place visited was the nearby Honda store. There is no car that meets my requirements that has the maximum towing capacity achieved.

CrissCrossChina review

Haval H9, is this the perfect car for caravan life?

Haval H9 SUV front
Difficulties to find a car with stated 2.5 tons maximum towing capacity and spacious inside. Found some but Haval H9 SUV is one of my favorites
You have already voted.
  • Big and spacious
  • H9 have plenty of Nm and kW for pulling caravan
  • Model 2022 should have the prepaprations for the caravan
  • Very good to drive (short drive around the block)
  • 4L gear for tricky situations
  • Huge list of accessories in the top model

Good car?

  • Maximum towing capacity not available for older Haval H9
  • For us the price is on the high side
  • Question mark is the fuel consumption when towing a caravan
  • No diesel model available
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