Easter 2021 Trip by

RV to Qiandao Lake and Yellow mountains

Starting from the plan and then the roadtrip for 8 days in China by motor-home.

Blog day by day of the roadtrip

Huangling mountains, drive-thru the mountains Day:4

The next one was an amazing place but we were too late to see the yellow flowers bloom No good campsite in proximity so we did some boon-docking…

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36 County Rural Resort Hotel camping Day:3

Taking it easy at the camping site, name in Chinese is 千岛湖36都乡宿度假酒店 This place is a good choice if you want to visit Qiandao Lake and need a …

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Qiandao Lake and 36 County Rural Resort Hotel Day:2

Arrival at lake and campsite Early morning wake up at Tonglu (桐庐)Service Station After waking up at Tonglu Service Station and enjoying …

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Travelling to Qiandao Lake by motor-home Day:1

The TRIP day 1 As usual, we packed the car in rush and tried to get on the road as fast we could. Where is my driving license? Still not …

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Preparations for the Easter trip Day 0

The PLAN for RVing during Easter Here is our plan for the coming eastern holiday of what we are going to do. We will be driving from Shanghai to…

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