Tips and tricks for RVing in China

We have colle​cted tips and tricks for fellow travelle​​rs.

Is it possible to rent a motor-home in China? The answer is yes!

For a foreigner, the first "must" is a Chinese driving license classified as C1.
For how to acquire a Chinese driving license, please check the link below.
Then the payment. Due to the small market needs of motor-homes, most of the renting companies are small-scaled compared their European and other western countries counterparts, therefore, only cash, local credit card and other Chinese smartphone payments are accepted. Foreign credit cards will be rejected. Normally a big amount of deposit is required. Most of deposit will be refund few days or few weeks after  returning of the motor-home, while a  small amount will be kept for a month in case there is traffic violation records during the renting period.


Some information what we have gathered

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RV Chec​​k​list   

Check as carefully as possible, include but not limited on the following.

RV physical check  

 Motor-home physical condition, for example check the tires condition and engine oil
 Shoot video and photos on the details, and overall, before heading out.
 The car needs to be returned with a full tank. 

We have had one previous experience with a passenger car, where the rental company insisted the car to be returned tank half full.

The day-to-day use articles

 Which are not included in the motor-home, are different than other countries. The renting company do not supply these unless you request, which include but not limited like:
 Bed sheets, cooking ware,  gas bottle,  external generator, cables for external electrical connection. Water hose and connectors.
 Even to check if the water tank is full, in general in China the water tank holds 140 liters.

Documentation and Insurance

 Check the insurance conditions and its coverage. Commercial insurance normally adds costs around additional 50CNY/day.
 Yearly check has been done and correct owner on the documents.
 Return policy overall. Some few rentals might have the rent and drop policy.
Regarding caravan insurance, it should be covered by the cars third party insurance. Some insurers have disclosed that so better to check the fine print.

Additional information

 A/C is normally included, but it mostly needs external power or a generator. It can be run shortly with batteries. A/C can be used for cooling and some A/C units can also used for heating.
 Electrical sockets, three standards exists. Please check the picture.
 Heating is usually done using a diesel heater in wintertime, but not all RVs have one.
External generator or fuel tank will be difficult to fill at gas station. You will need a letter from PSB or Chinese ID and they will still refuse to fill it in many places. Internal generators is not a problem
 Gas bottles, if taking a ferry no size gas bottles allowed in some routes. Remember to verify that the province you are traveling to allows 10kg gas bottles as it is prohibited in some provinces.

Emergency telephone numbers in China:

 Police (Calling) 110 Police (Text message) 12110
First-aid Ambulance 120
Fire 119
Traffic Accidents 122
SOS in Water 12395.
110, 120 and 119 are free calls. 110 may be used for all emergencies. It is the first number to call.