Huge camping area called “To Journey” 途居露营地(黄山店).Day:6

The first impression is this is huge, the campinsite goes on and on. Never seen this big area before in China.

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Woke this morning at “To Journey” campsite close to Jiaocun 焦村 which will be the western gate of The Yellow Mountain, but it is still under construction, 2h drive to the gate of Huangshan Mountain 黄山 which we are going to go.

The area has many fixed caravans and also some places for DIY travelers with RV/caravan. And as usual, we are outside of the normal holiday season so there were not so many people at the campsite. Maybe 4-5 families occupied either their own RV or renting a caravan. Most of the shops/restaurants and facilities were closed, but we could get the needed service. During the peak season, this would be an amazing place.

There are several places for RV’s and each of them have power, water, sink, and tables. Also fenced by bushes for privacy between the spots

Dinner at close by local restaurant

Evening we decide to taste the food from the local restaurants. All inside the campsite were closed, so we checked out this one just outside the gate.

Freetime activities in the area

At the time when we visited hardly any people, therefore, no go for the activities. The interesting activities during summertime would be swimming in the pool and renting the electrical bike for a short trip outside (was not in use).

Caravan area for rent

The size of the caravans is huge, there is plenty of space for a bigger family also. We could not pay a visit inside but when checking closeby they seemed to be well taken care of. There are minimal 50 rental caravans. All of them including the picnic tables outside and sink with cutting space.


This is based on our opinion. Let’s see the positive points first

  • The staff were friendly and helpful
  • the location is in the valley of mountain, very nice view surrounded
  • All the possible activities (what we could not test)
  • The cleanliness of the camping site
  • All the needed equipment for longer stay
    • Water
    • Electricity
    • Washing machines
    • Dump place for sewage water
    • Good and spacious place for your RV or caravan.
  • Small shop inside area
  • Proximity of Huangshan Mountains

Some negative items below

  • No other shops nearby, the campsite is isolated from the city.

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