Huhenuoer Tourism Area | Road trip | Inner Mongolia 2021 | Day 9-10

Huhenuoer Tourism Area

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Now, we can start to see the real Inner Mongolia with its blue skies and natural habitats.

We arrived at Huhenuor Tourism Area camping at night. Driving there in the dark late evening was quite exhausting. The roads were in very good shape the whole trip, and it was a pleasure to drive them.

We arrived late at the camping area, and even though we agreed on the phone earlier, the security guard did not have any information nor let us in. After phone calls and discussion, he finally agreed to open the gates. We needed to find our spot in the darkness, which was in the high grass area. The campsite area lights are insufficient at night.

Huhenuoer Tourism Area. Grassland parking at Huhenuoer
Grassland parking at Huhenuoer

The camping area

After a long and sound sleep time, check out where we parked. There is long grass everywhere and a calm lake just behind the trailer. I cannot believe this view in China is amazing. The parking space was just a box with electricity and water, that’s it. Do you wonder about snakes in the long grass? Mosquitos have never bothered me; maybe I have bad blood. Anyway, we set up our tent for protection from the various insects in the area and sipped some morning coffee with a view of the lake. Later, I took the shuttle bus to various places in the area as the long distances were quite long.

Huhenuoer Tourism Area camping

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Many activities in the Huhenuoer Tourism Area. Unfortunately, the prices are high. For example, taking the slide one time was 100CNY=13EUR. The best value was the horse riding on an 11km trail, and the price was 400CNY=54EUR. The ride took almost 45 minutes. Luckily, the swings were free, and kids could enjoy them as much as they wanted. In my opinion, the price of the activities is a bigger problem when you stay longer. The campground is, in my opinion, for a short stay.

Many of these activities can be purchased in advance through Taobao but require a Chinese account, which is purely in Chinese. The discounts can even be as high as -50% if you buy it well in advance. At least one day before.

A good example of a longer-stay campsite for DIY travelers is Tangshan Hot Springs RV Camping in Nanjing.

Some mixed pictures from the camp area

This place was like a fresh breeze from nature. The biggest issue is that they normally are not designed for long stays. It was clean, and the views were amazing, but it was somehow missing something that would allow you to stay longer. Someplace to cook, activity houses, and BBQ stands would be a good start. Also, the area is so big and scattered.

We recommend visiting the place, feeling the Inner Mongolia grasslands under your feet, and enjoying it.

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Huhenuoer Tourism Area | Road trip | Inner Mongolia 2021 | Day 9-10

Huhenuoer Tourism Area
Close by nature, Huhenuoer is camping in proximity to the city of Hulunbuir. Big area with many options for staying overnight.
  • Clean and well organized
  • Many activities for children
  • Small shops in the area
  • Electricity and water are available
  • Public toilets
  • Beautiful area by the lake, next trip need to bring a fishing rod
  • Shuttle bus in the area

Nice place to stay?

  • All activities are super expensive.
  • Caravan parking in high grassland. Maybe could be cut a little bit, possibility of snakes
  • Electrical and water supply needs to be safer.
  • Breakfast at the restaurant, expensive and not so satisfactory
  • Not many slots for DIY travelers

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