Kayaking and relaxing at LeCamp International camp Ltd, Shanghai

Le Camp camping in Shanghai
This is the only trip we made during the summer holiday this year to Kayaking and relaxing at LeCamp International camp Ltd.

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Arrival to camping

This is the only trip we made during the summer holiday this year. We are looking forward to kayaking and relaxing at LeCamp International Camp Ltd. We had some grand plans but needed to cancel them for family reasons.

My wife found this place on the internet, which looked lovely. So jump in the packed car for a two-day holiday. We take much more of what we need, which is better than missing something. I even needed to put on the ski box.

LeCamp International Camp Ltd

Kayaking and relaxing at LeCamp International Camp Ltd

We arrived at LeCamp International, check-in was easy, and the price was 799CNY/day, including activities for the kids. Those included paddling with a canoe for half an hour, handcrafting at the activity house, and shooting with arrows. This place did not have any parking spots for DIY travelers, and you must leave your car outside the gates on the grassland. No big issue as the campsite provided small electrical transportation, so we did not need to drag our equipment.

The camping area was by the lake with an incredible view.

The caravan was located by the lake and had a lovely terrace with tables and chairs. There is no place to cook anything, only one water cooker to boil water. I immediately saw the chance to hang our hammock outside the terrace between the trees. With such a lovely lake and scorching day, I felt disappointed that you were not allowed to swim or even go fishing. I could see and hear big fish splashes in the lake in the evening. It would be a fantastic place if a small man-made beach were available. I think the biggest issue in China for this is the responsibilities and lawsuits if something happens.

Just take it easy by the lake and enjoy morning coffee with a view like this in Shanghai.

I also tried canoeing, but as inflexible as I was, I could not sit correctly for longer than 5 minutes. Have to push me up and try to paddle on my knees, hoping the canoe would turn over and I could get a nice swim. The scorching sun made it impossible for a long time anyway.

BBQ in the evening at sunset

It’s time for dinner again. We took our small BBQ with us and had a small BBQ in the evening. Luckily, my wife did some questioning in advance, and we knew it was unavailable. The first evening, we could BBQ on the table, but on the second day, the wind was too heavy, and we needed to BBQ on the ground. It doesn’t matter as long we can get the food 🙂

The caravan has a lovely bed arrangement and easily fits 2+2 persons.

My mobile phone’s weather APP shows +37C degrees. This summer, the hot season in Shanghai has been long, and thank god for A/C. The caravan A/C was sufficient to keep the heat outside. One notice is to be careful with the hot water tap in the caravan. I think that was nearly 90C that came out. Why don’t they install thermostats for safety? The beds are vast, and I like them as I need plenty of space when sleeping. The kid’s bed was made by lowering the dining table, which was wide enough for them. The toilet floor has taken some water damage, so the wood structure underneath might give up soon. No smell of mold could be detected. A fridge and water cooker are included so you can bring some of your food.

Shiqiying Scholars boutique hotel

I needed to mention this. We found this place at LeCamp International Camp Ltd, close to the campground. Looks friendly with its swimming pools and restaurant. There are maybe 10-15 houses with a pool in between. This used to be a small village, but all the inhabitants moved away. They have a restaurant and are outdoors. It’s the best place to relax.

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CrissCrossChina review

Kayaking and relaxing at LeCamp International camp Ltd, Shanghai

Le Camp camping in Shanghai
This is the only trip we made during the summer holiday this year to Kayaking and relaxing at LeCamp International camp Ltd.
  • Each caravan have big yard
  • Spacious bed arragement inside
  • The small lake beside the caravan
  • Many nice activities for the kids

Nice place to stay?

  • No cooking equipment in the caravan
  • Cannot swim and not allowed to fish in the lake
  • No place for DIY campers
  • Caravans start to get outdated
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