Kids in a van (∩^o^)⊃━☆

Hello, this is Jessica and Judy. We are the bratty monkeys that live in Shanghai with our parents. Our family is traveling a lot these past years, and every single one of them is fun and adventurous. Mostly we use the plane, train or a boat to travel to the places, but last year we started to rent campervans to travel to places in China. Ever since we started to rent campervans, we bought along with our scruffy dog, Hockey, the dumbest dog we have ever owned so far. We had fun sleeping with our parents, (Even though our dad is an expert at snoring…) eating food outside, and making our parents go nuts. Now our next adventures are in Mongolia, a place that I have no information about. I have to say, we are excited to visit this place, and we are expecting it to be a fantastic trip, with no hurricanes or anything that can destroy the campervan. 

1+1=3 UwU (not really-)

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