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Meeting our friends and checking out Erguna Wetland | Road trip | Inner Mongolia 2021 | Day 11

Road trip Inner Mongolia continues and met friends from Shanghai. Heading to the Eerguna Wetlands with rivers and forests

We found our friends!

When planning our trip to Inner Mongolia, we also contacted some friends and decided to Meeting our friends. A total of four families will meet at various locations in Inner Mongolia to travel the region together. On this day, we met our first family, who flew in from Shanghai and rented an RV on the internet, including a driver. This is optional, and you can also rent it without a driver.

What a surprise to have lunch with bolognese among cattle and horses on the prairie. Fresh air, blue sky, no worries, just enjoy.

Continue to Erguna Wetland

After Meeting our friends, we Found a good place for a short tour, Erguna Wetland. I can’t believe we can find such a magnificent place in China. Many birch forests and small rivers flow through the forest.

Erguna Wetland (formerly Gene Wetland) ), a plain delta consisting of the Argonne, Gen, Delpur, and Haur Rivers. Erguna Wetland, one of the largest wetlands in Asia, is located about 3 kilometers west of Labudalin Street, the urban area of Erguna and the seat of the government.

Meeting our friends
Green fields and blues sky with some clouds. The eye can rest on this

Dinner and Birthday Party in Erguna city

A brief visit to Erguna City as we were invited to a birthday party We don’t have a campsite near the hotel parking lot. This was possible because some of our friends decided to stay overnight at the hotel. Isn’t it tricky to get there because the street is narrow and the caravan needs to be turned 90 degrees? The birthday party was held in a yurt-like tent in town, and as usual, the food was great.

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Hotels' green garden with flowers and vegetables
Hotels’ green garden with flowers and vegetables

CrissCrossChina review
Road trip Inner Mongolia continues and met friends from Shanghai. Heading to the Eerguna Wetlands with rivers and forests

Our evaluation of the sightseeing

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  • Clean and green
  • You can feel the fresh and clean air in the lungs
  • Sightseeing pavilion
  • The view just reminds me of my home country, Finland


  • We were here so short time, don't have any negative comments

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