Old Water Town

Wuzhen old water town 乌镇水乡

Parking with RV in the Old Water Town

After spending the night at Wuzhen camping we decided to take the plunge for Wuzhen old water town and park on the parking area for the night.

Fellow RV at Wuzhen Water Town parking
. There we met a fellow elder couple who has been traveling with their RV for a month. The parking lot was secured round the clock and only cost 20rmb for the night. The biggest restrictions were no electricity and we were not allowed to cook outside (this van did not have the inside cooking possibility.

Wuzhen, a 1300-year-old water town

Wuzhen old water town is really worth 4 stars. Very beautiful place with a long history. Small restaurants everywhere and the buildings look nice.


  • Old “authenticate” town. Renovations and upgrades have been made with good taste
  • Many small food shops and you could have some tasting local food
  • Not too crowded as it was off-season.
  • Parking place where we could stand for the night with security
  • Convenient stores and restaurants close-by


  • No cooking outside the van
  • No electricity or water outlets

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