Preparations for the long summer trip | Road trip | Inner Mongolia 2021

Preparations for the long summer trip, Road trip | Inner Mongolia 2021

We plan this in July 2021 with a motor home trip to Hulumbuir, Inner Mongolia.

We will drive by route Shanghai – Hulunbuir – Xi’an – Shanghai, and the planned length of the road trip is about four weeks. Our family consists of two adults and two children, ages 12 and 14 + a guard dog the size of a big cat. We have some people from our friend circle who have shown interest in joining, but there is normally the limiting factor with long leaves from work.

Therefore, there is an additional plan for shorter holidays (10 days) by flight or taking the train to Hulunbuir, and we will all meet there. We will start our journey earlier by driving from Shanghai and agreeing on a date to meet and gather in Hulunbuir. Before starting, we need to Prepare for the long summer trip.

We still need to verify and check some issues.

  • Availability of RV in Hulunbuir. Maxus has a rental place in Hulunbuir, and the availability needs to be confirmed. Also, Maxus has an app by the name of RV2GO where you can search for and rent an RV. For some reason, the rentals are not yet available for July, and we are following this. We want to use Maxus only because it is a big/reliable company with many rental locations. There are some minor issues with other rentals, so, therefore, we prefer them.
  • Travel directly to Hulunbuir. There are several options, but what is the best is still pending. Once per day, there is a direct flight from Shanghai, taking the train from Shanghai to Hulunbuir, mixing trains and flights.
  • Each individual needs to handle all the rentals and flights/trains. We can try to reduce the price by negotiating with Maxus if there are more families. We are not a travel agency but would like more people to enjoy traveling in China by motor home and be nicer together. On our website CrissCrossChina, there is more information regarding travel in China by RV.

We will continue to update this blog as we get more information.

Road trip | Inner Mongolia 2021 | Preparations for the long summer trip

This will be our planned route. But anything can be changed, and we plan to take it easy and visit some camping grounds and sightseeing places. It will be a long trip, and we need all four planned weeks to make it.

Inner Mongolia Wikipedia

Correction to the map after the trip. We skipped Xi’an after the news of COVID-19 restrictions started appearing here and there and decided to drive in the south instead. The total distance we covered during the road trip was 7200km.

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We are now a total of 4 families travelling to Hulunbuir. The meeting date would be on 10th July; our family is the only one driving up there. We will start the journey on the 2nd or 3rd of July from Shanghai, and others will take flight and have rented the RV from the Maxus centre there.

Here are some updates from our side. We have now changed our plan regarding an RV rental and rented a caravan instead. Finding an RV in our price range was difficult, and the layouts were not to our liking. Found a small rental company with caravans, and the layout was suitable for us.

  • Ski box for more storage space, 700L
  • Mirror extensions
  • Installing the towing hook for the car.
  • Fire extinguisher, 2kg
  • Service of the car. Oil/filter change, fuel filter change, check of brake pads, air-filter change, and verify underneath the car that all is OK (shockers, springs).
  • Additional pockets and a soft table are used behind the kids’ seats.
  • A mosquito net tent will be used in Inner Mongolia, and I don’t know if it is needed, but nice to have dinner outside without the mosquitos.
  • Update of our First Aid kit. Bandages, medicines for different uses.
Preparations for the long summer trip, Chinese Caravan MIY MYY9012XLJ03. this is the ONLY rental caravan we found in Shanghai
MIY Caravan in China. This one is the model MYY9012XLJ03. This one has a length of 4.2m, I cannot find any bigger for rental 🙂
Road trip | Inner Mongolia 2021 | Preparations for the long summer trip

Rental of RV in Hulunbuir

Here is some price information from Maxus, including a driver for 7-days. We received this from their sales staff via WeChat. You can scan the QR code or by this link. Unfortunately, the whole page is Chinese, but you could use Google Translate.

In our Preparations for the long summer trip, we will drive up north by RV from Shanghai and meet in Hulunbuir. Depending on how long you would be there, we travel together and enjoy Inner Mongolia.

Preparations for the long summer trip. The car and caravan have been checked with minor issues.
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