Rented IVECO high-end RV model ZDD5047XLJ2 road trip Shanghai-Xi’an.

Road trip Shanghai-Xi'an Chinese New year 2023 | Parking area Millennium City Park
We drove in the late evening to the parking area at Millennium City and left the next day

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The Chinese IVECO high-end RV by New Gonow Group.

This time, we rented the top model of the IVECO RV with flank extensions on both the rear and side. A big difference in inside space is if the flanks are extended with a big room around the dinner table. A huge benefit of space is that we also took our cat and dog with us. Our friend in the RV business helped us find a good RV, and he found a private person willing to rent this one.

This one was rented from a private owner and had everything needed for an enjoyable trip. Extension flanks on the side and rear made it spacious inside, and 1800W solar panel charging with 48V/250A batteries.

This is the RV that we were able to rent for our road trip to Xian

Preparations are the way I start my trips.

First aid kits, compressor, tire repair foam, oil, charger water, and 200 packs of instant noodles.

Preparations for the road-trip in China. Heading from Shanghai to Xian during Chinese new year

As we traveled during the Chinese New Year, we knew the roads were packed with travelers heading home. The news we saw on social media had horror stories of people stuck on the highways for several days, so we prepared 200 packs of instant noodles. Ready to share with whoever might need it.

Luckily, the trip went smoothly, and now we must consume the noodles slowly.

What functions and equipment are included in the IVECO high-end RV ZDD5047XLJ2 model?

The list will be very long, and I will write the most important ones.

  • Floor heating.
  • Diesel heater 6kW
  • Solar panels 1.8kW
  • Big batteries 48V/250A
  • Side and rear flanks that extend.
  • Spacious inside
  • IVECO-made chassis.
  • Small washing machine.
  • Cooking both gas/electrical
  • Microwave oven

Some issues on the road

While boondocking in Xi’an beside the street, the power/heating suddenly went off. After checking all the fuse switches and restarting all the systems, I found no reason and could not get the heating working again. The temperature outside was close to freezing point, and without heating, the temperature inside went down very fast. I decided to stay the night in the family apartment.

Later in the morning, everything was working normally. Something must have overloaded and cooled down now. This was the only time we had issues with the heating systems.

Urea injector error on Iveco on our road trip to Xian China

Another issue was the urea injection nozzle. It started to give the alarm, and from what I understood, you can drive for 14 hours, and after 14 hours, engine performance will be restricted. If you continue to drive, it will prevent to start the engine after 70 hours. It will never shut down the engine while running. I found the Iveco service center, and they reset the error so we could continue the journey.

The third item on the failure list was that the Italian-made toilet seat ring could not accommodate my heavy needs. We have to pay 550CNY for this. Expensive ring.

Expensive toilet ring on the RV, Cost me 550CNY

So, how was the Iveco ZDD5047XLJ2 luxury RV then?

Overall, it was a great experience. The rear and side flank extensions were fully enjoyed as they made a spacious area inside. The limitation in China for a C1 driving license is a maximum of 6 meters. Also, high-power solar panels and diesel heater is something to have, especially in boondocking. Would I like to buy one? Sure, if the price is correct and includes the Iveco chassis.

Big thanks to the young service worker at IVECO

Last, I want to thank the service personnel at IVECO who helped us reset the urea injection nozzle error at 22:00, working overtime as he was waiting for us to reach the workshop. Thumbs up

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Rented IVECO high-end RV model ZDD5047XLJ2 road trip Shanghai-Xi’an.

Road trip Shanghai-Xi'an Chinese New year 2023 | Parking area Millennium City Park
Road trip with IVECO ZDD5047XLJ2 luxury model from Shanghai to Xian 2023 Chinese New Year
  • The flanks in the rear and side
  • Spacious inside
  • Floor heating
  • Diesel heater
  • 1kW of solar panels
  • Big dual battery 48V/250A
  • IVECO chassis have been always good

Happy camper?

  • The heating/electricity suddenly shut off
  • Urea injection stopped working
  • Toilet ring seat could not handle 100kg and the ring was broken
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