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Review of MIY MYY9012XLJ03 caravan

Chinese Caravan MIY MYY9012XLJ03
Road trip | Inner Mongolia 2021 | Some additional information before the trip | Preparations for the long summer trip | The MIY Caravan
Review of the Chinese caravan MIY that was used during our road trip from Shanghai to Inner Mongolia. This is our experience from our one month trip.

Short review of the MIY caravan after our round trip to Inner Mongolia from Shanghai, 7200km in total.

The price for this unit is around 130.000CNY/17.000EUR, and for this price, I see the quality is a good match with the invested money.

The caravan brand is MIY, and here is some swift report of it.

We were able to rent this from Shanghai at a reasonable price of 14000CNY/1822Eur/4 weeks. The interior looked suitable and did have 4 beds for us. We are 2 adults and 2 kids traveling, therefore, the bed arrangement is good. Personally, I slept well in them and I did not hear any complaints from others.

The caravan itself was a little bit too small for the four of us. we needed to make the beds each night. Cabinet space was too limited and mostly in front. Due to that, the ball weight was difficult to handle as most of the weight was in front. We conducted a test after the trip, and measured by the support wheel, the result is 180kg (Kia Sorento ball weight maximum is about 100kg) with half a tank of water. We knew the weight should be measured from the ball, but we could only measure under the support wheel due to limited measuring equipment l. That gives you some estimate of the weight split of the caravan. A recommendation is to move the water tank 50cm backward closer to the axel.

Specification of the rented caravan

  • Manufacturer 三创联盟(沧州临港)科技有限公司
  • AL-KO
  • Dimensions 5970×2070,2160×2670(mm)
  • Total mass 1500 (kg)
  • Solar panels of approximately 800W. Can keep the refrigerator running without external power
  • Batteries 240A
  • Diesel heater, did not test it as it was not needed in July.
  • A/C unit maybe (2500W), might be under-powered in excessive heat.
  • 800W electrical cooking plate
  • Microwave, power was enough
  • Fresh water tank 145L
  • Gas heater for water
  • Portable generator 2kW
  • Shower and toilet
  • External shower
  • Outside Gas cooking station
  • All electrical sockets had also double USB charging

Final verdict about the MIY caravan

This is a relatively small caravan but for 2 persons it should be OK for longer trips. For 4 persons shorter trips are preferred. The price of the caravan is directly reflecting on the build quality and a couple of times needed to fix, for example leaking pipes. The solar panels + batteries could easily keep the refrigerator running but in case AC needs to be used the batteries will drain fast.

Next time rental must be a bigger one and maybe better quality. It is impossible to find any rentals and even no private persons that would rent a caravan. The selection in China is very limited even they make a lot of the for export.

Be reminded of new regulations valid from April 2022 regarding pulling a caravan in China. LINK

Last but not least, attached some pictures with comments


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The good and the bad according to our experience

Chinese Caravan MIY MYY9012XLJ03
Review of the Chinese caravan MIY that was used during our road trip from Shanghai to Inner Mongolia. This is our experience from our one month trip.
Overall Points

Thumbs up

  • Solar panels are powerful on sunny days.
  • Water tank size enough for four persons quick shower
  • Gas outdoor cooking was good and powerful
  • The bed arrangement is good, one big bed in front and two double beds at the rear. easy to set up and closed.
  • The refrigerator is big enough.
  • Solar panels are powerful on sunny days.

thumbs down

  • Water tank placement is not optimal. Too much load in front, moved maybe 50cm to rear direction can be a better option. As there is not so much storage space in the rear this will increase the tow ball weight a lot.
  • Almost all the heavy items are in the front part of the caravan, AC and Solar inverter, etc., therefore the balance of the caravan is problematic.
  • The water filling hole is at level horizontal, this makes it difficult to fill in without spilling water around.
  • One key system would be appreciated, finding the right key in a chain costs time and patience.
  • Sofa textile should be dirt repellent, the design could be more friendly for the long trip instead of good-looking.
  • The toilet sink should be fixed to the wall instead of hanging there. the shower hose could not be pulled in.
  • Awning supports were not strong enough and were broken when we got hit by a storm. Need some weights to lock them down if windy.
    pipes under the sink need to be fixed permanently, even we had to fixed 2 times on the trip.
  • Electrical works under the “hood” should follow a good standard.

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