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Road trip | Inner Mongolia 2021 | Jin Jiang Gou camping and Arxan National Forest Park | Day 14-16

2021-07-17 10-09-56 lanny
The worst road on our road trip and was worried if the caravan can survive it.Close to Nature in Jin Jiang Gou camping and Arxan National Forest Park.

We got our towing bar fixed and can continue the road trip. Heading for the city of Jinjianggou and on the way stopping at some places.

WW2 memorial on the way

A shortstop at a big battleground memorial where the Russian and Japanese forces battled for 135 days. More than 200.000 soldiers, 500 cannons, 900 planes, and 1000 tanks fought fiercely in this area. Let this be a memory of how cruel the war can be. Young people born after the war cannot imagine this.

The worst road we have ever driven in China

The worst road we have ever taken during our trip. It was 50km of pure pain and torture for our car and caravan. The maximum speed of 30km/h and even slower in some parts. Heavy trucks and busses pass us by and wonder how the passengers feel bouncing around. The new road is being built beside it and the old road is not maintained so much anymore. Hope this is ready in 2022 so others don’t need to experience this. The car and the caravan finally survived this torture and now setting up the camp. We were ready quite late and needed to prepare and rest for the next day’s activities.

JinJiangGou camping close to Arxan Natural forest park

After bouncing on the road for a couple of hours we arrived at the campground. It was a pleasant surprise to see how well maintained it was. Nice space for the caravan with electricity and water + small wooden terrace with bench and table. It was already late when the caravan have been set up, quick dinner, and headed to bed.

The next day we had a full day at Arxan National Forest Park rated in 2017 as an AAAAA tourist destination. The Air Quality Index of the air in Arxan is a breath of clean air. The park is very close to the camping and the main entrance is only 500m away. As usual, climbing the thousands of stairs and enjoying the views. The place is well maintained and the stairs had several platforms where you can take a rest. Inner Mongolia has really been a positive surprise in all ways. Especially nature which stands mostly untouched. I hope the huge amount of tourism will not destroy this. During our trip, we have not seen many tourists anywhere. This is mostly due to locals don’t have the holidays the same way as foreigners. The long summer holiday in China is not so common. More concentrated on Chinese New year and harvest holidays.

Be reminded to fill the gasoline tank in Jin Jiang Gou as the distances between gasoline stations start to get longer and longer.


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CrissCrossChina review

The good and the bad according to our experience

2021-07-17 10-09-56 lanny
JinJiangGou camping
The worst road on our road trip and was worried if the caravan can survive it.Close to Nature in Jin Jiang Gou camping and Arxan National Forest Park.
Overall Points

Thumbs up

  • Great campground and clean
  • Water and electricity are available
  • Each camping spot has its own tables and small wooden terrace
  • Close to sightseeing spots, Arxan National Forest Park and A’ershan National Forest Park
  • Possible to dump the sewage water
  • Small shop in the area

thumbs down

  • The road here was terrible. New road under construction
  • Cannot be found on the map but it is just beside the entrance
  • Our electricity was not yet ready for our parking space but will be very soon.

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