Road trip | Inner Mongolia 2021 | Olympic 2022 Thaiwoo Ski Resort in July :) | Day 17-18

Road trip Inner Mongolia Olympic 2022 Thaiwoo Ski Resort
Foggy mountains of the Thaiwoo Ski resort

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International-style ski resort with 5-star hotels and shops

Goodbye to our friends from Shanghai, and now we continue the rest of the road trip by ourselves.

Hop on the road again and see some farmers selling fresh honey by the road. One of the girls even pulled out one of the honeycombs, and we got 100% fresh honey. I needed to persuade her a bit, but she was brave. We will be heading for the Olympic 2022 Thaiwoo Ski Resort.

Road trip Inner Mongolia 2021, 100% fresh honey by roadside
Saw some locals selling fresh honey by the road, and one of the girls was brave enough to take the honeycomb in her hands and shake off the bees.

Nightly boondocking at a small lake in West Ujimqin Banner

I could not find a place to stop for the night, but the Woyouzhijia APP recommended this for boondocking. Just a parking lot beside a small lake with an amazing view in the evening. I met some other travelers; among them was an older couple planning to travel the world with an RV for 11 years. They will be heading to Europe at some point. I’m often too shy and dig up my camera to take pictures, but I think about why I did not do it afterward.

West Ujimqin Banner Inner Mongolia
Lakeside boondocking in West Ujimqin Banner

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Hello to the road

It’s time to head back in the south direction. As usual, I drive in the direction my wife says, but I don’t know about the next destination. She mentioned something about the Olympic 2022 Thaiwoo Ski Resort. I also had some stomach issues and could hardly sleep during the night. While driving to the next destination, we needed to stop every two hours for me to rest. I’m pretty sure we got some food poisoning at some point. Luckily, it only took 24 hours for my stomach to ease.

Path of endless trees

Finally, the Olympic 2022 Thaiwoo Ski Resort, after a long drive with many stops

Thaiwoo Ski Resort (snow forecast) with luxury hotels, shops, and ski slopes. There are many western restaurants and coffee shops in the village. You can find Starbucks, KFC, and international-style places. For the thirsty one, Brew House. This was in the summertime and did not have any snow, so I skiing we can forget this time. It would be nice to ski downhill since the last time was long ago. Maybe 30 years ago or even more. The first night, we slept in the luxurious Condotel Hotel, and they even had a family room with a washing machine and dryer so we could wash our clothes. Other hotels in the area are Element by WESTIN, Thaiwoo Hotel, Hyatt, and Xueluju Hotel.

Road trip | Inner Mongolia 2021 | Olympic 2022 Thaiwoo Ski Resort flowers
Colors by flowers. The resort had a nice touch of nature surrounding the place.

After having some fun for a few days, we needed to continue in the south direction. Looking for a beach to camp at for a more extended period and enjoy the last remaining days.

If you want to have a good winter vacation with ski slopes and quality services, you can make a Road trip to Inner Mongolia

Activities at Olympic 2022 Thaiwoo Ski Resort

2 points for facilities come from the that this kind of place does not have any camping area for DIY travelers with RVs or caravans.

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Road trip | Inner Mongolia 2021 | Olympic 2022 Thaiwoo Ski Resort in July 🙂 | Day 17-18

Road trip Inner Mongolia Olympic 2022 Thaiwoo Ski Resort
Road trip Inner Mongolia. Thaiwoo, Chinas Olympic ski resort in 2022 Winter Olympics. Paid a visit in summer time 2021 during our travel.
  • This is like a Swiss ski resort
  • Many 4-5 star hotels
  • Chinese, Korean, and Western restaurants
  • Mountains have several ski tracks with different skill levels
  • Many activities in the summertime. Buggy riding, farm animals, and downhill cycling
  • Clean and well maintained
  • Express train to Taizicheng takes less than an hour from Beijing
  • The Hotel was really good

Nice place to stay?

  • With quality comes prices
  • No nearby camping for DIY travelers
  • Boondocking, no electricity or water
  • No snow in July
  • Loaction is remote
  • Only place to stay with RV is parking lot
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