Finding out Tangshan RV Camping  in Nanjing

Finding out Tangshan RV Camping in Nanjing

This is the second time we will be heading out by rental RV. Target is in Najing at Tangshan RV 松林山庄 camping site

Found an RV rental close to Shanghai Disney World. New RV’s in line waiting for an adventure with the renters. There are many campers with their own terrace and BBQ spot which can be rented for the long term or just overnight.
The site looks well equipped and family-friendly that we plan to stay for a weekend in the future to check out the facilities as well as enjoy a Disney weekend.
settled down the renting issues, we took a pop-up adventure to Disney town by local bus, after 10 minutes we are enjoying the scenery of every-night fireworks with hot coffee.

The Maxus RV60 performed ok with a 2L T Diesel engine. The only thing was the automatic gear that changed the gears like poorly changes on manual gears. jumping jackrabbit.

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Check the rating of camping ground in the end

We are going to give some ratings of the different campsites and also the sightseeing spots that we experience on our trips. These are purely our ratings and it might be someone else would rate it differently.

Need to have some good music while driving in this traffic. Keeps the mood up 🙂

Nightwish - Dark Passion Play
Heavy music in this traffic always helps to lower down my stress level. As you can see that I’m a fan of Finnish metal music. Check out Nightwish and enjoy the music. Recommendations go for Ghost love score, Shoemaker, Poet, and the pendulum, and The greatest show on earth are some of the great ones.

Nightwish is a Finnish symphonic metal band from Kitee, Finland.

Some Service stations that we visited on the way to Nanjing

Why do I take this up? Normally gasoline/service stations have a different level of standards here. This came up clearly during our trip to Inner Mongolia, these service stations below are pure luxury compared to the ones in the northern parts. It is more or less for filling fuel and to have some basic snacks. These 3 stations are very famous in China for the available service and the looks. These stations are recommended also for a boondocking stay as there are security 24/7 and services available.

The first stop is Yangcheng Lake Service Center (阳澄湖)

The Yangcheng Lake (阳澄湖) Service Center is not a traditional gasoline station. It is very famous for inner design and variable of service and facilities.
On top of the basic gasoline station function, it is more like a medium-sized shopping mall to shopping, a Zen garden for resting and relaxation, a food street with various choices, a gaming-VR zone for kids. The inner design and decoration are like the mini Venice with water canals.

The Second stop is MeiCun(梅村) Service Center

We also stayed overnight in the parking lot, but remember, keep always a distance from the trucks on the parking lot. They were making noise constantly by coming and leaving.

The third was the Xianrenshan Service Center (仙人山)

The third stop is Xianrenshan (仙人山) Service Center.
The atmosphere and restaurants were satisfying, surprisingly, on the back of the station, there was a big park with a nice lake view.

Arrival at Tangshan Hot Springs RV Camping in Nanjing

What was needed to enter the campsite on the date 2020/11/05:

  • Yes, the Green health code
  • Yes, passport
  • No, nucleic test

The camping site lays on the foot of Tangshan, therefore, guests can enjoy the beautiful mountain view.
The security guard was very friendly and glad to leave a memory with a foreign guest to express his hospitality. Cleanliness and organization are the key points and many spots are reserved for the DIY traveler. All of them had their own private spaces, tables, and wash/cutting area. Surrounded by a tree fence for privacy. Not so many families at this time of year, maybe two families overnighting at the campsite.


Kids were enjoying and exploring the various playgrounds. You could imagine during the season how fun it would be when kids playing and running around. Paid a visit to the spa inside the camping ground and only a few of the pools were open for the public. For the price, we paid I would expect the pools to be open or maybe should keep it totally closed when there are no quests. I felt like I have been cheated of my money as you cannot see into the area beforehand.

Enjoying the meals outside

Early morning, peacefulness, and enjoy breakfast outside. What else can you ask for? All the camper vans are fixed and nicely arranged.


The facilities for camping were good, all necessary facilities for longer staying are available. showers, kitchen and washing areas are well equipped and open for tent campers too. The facility building had toilets, showers, laundry, and also a relaxation room. A small shop in the area where you could buy snacks and BBQ.

For dinner time, this RV only had one 800W cooking plate and no external gas cooker as the previous RV. Make it a little bit more challenging and time-consuming but as usual, dinner was delicious. This is to be considered when renting the RV, try to find with both possibilities, gas and electrical.

Back to home

Heading back to home. Just one stop before Shanghai at Fang Mao Shan Dinosaur theme service station. A strange theme in my opinion but kids like it. There can be strange theme attractions in China, Thames Town, Bruce Lee Paradise Park, and the Roast duck museum as for example.


The camping area is great and very big, has everything needed even for a longer stay.

  • Big area and secure
  • All needed services, such as toilets, shower, washing machines, a cooking, waste station for RV are available
  • Electricity and water
  • Own big bench/tables outside
  • individual camp lot separated by bushes
  • Many BBQ/cooking places
  • Overall cleanliness
  • Close to a big amusement park
  • Waste station for RV could be better protected
  • A small convenience store in the camping area, could be bigger.

This one star is for the hot springs in the camping area

Crisscrosspoints 1

CrissCrossPoints 1
Crisscrosspoints 1


  • Location is inside the area
  • Friendly staff
  • Changing/shower rooms


  • Overpriced in comparison of the pool area, 80rmb/guest
  • Nothing for children, except the pool with small fish
  • Some of the pools were very hot
  • Over half of the pools were not open for the guests

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