Checking out Shanghai Haiwan RV in Shanghai

Checking out Shanghai Haiwan RV in Shanghai


Today will test this one 🙂 It is in the urban area of Shanghai and the camping ground is by the sea.

Below is what was needed at the date 27.12.2020 to enter the campsite.

  • Yes, the Green health code
  • Yes, passport
  • No, nucleic test

Links to the location below

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Google maps Haiwan RV

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Baidu maps 上海海湾国家森林公园

Check the score of camping ground in the end

Haiwan national forest park. the area is a huge one and maybe 2 days is not enough:) It is only a 1-1.5h drive from our home, Pudong area, Shanghai. After a quick ride on the highway then a short drive on smaller roads, we arrived at our destination.

This time we did not rent an RV, instead, we choose the fixed camper van. I really hope there are good curtains. Basically, it is like a hotel room without loud neighbors :).
The temperature inside was adjustable and it has everything similar to the hotel room. WiFi, big TV (the IPTV has plenty of English movies.), internet, water cooker, and coffee.
The restaurant and shop are close by.
Living room with extendable sofa as a double bed for kids, the Master bedroom wast really chilly at the beginning, later on, we found out that two of windows were opened.

BBQ with mini chairs, out in the cold but fire/food was warm so no big issue. Luckily it could withstand my 100kg.

Early morning with the sound of birds instead of Shanghai traffic. It feels so like back in Finland.

There is a small farm with different animals for the kids. Horse riding, chicken, ducks, and in the evening many cats wandering around. Some of the animals are strolling free and you can feed them. For the youngsters and adults, there are activities such as paintball and CS.


CrissCrossPoints 4
CrissCrossPoints 4


  • Camper vans more like hotel rooms. Clean, warm and have all needed utilities.
  • Big area with a clean and natural environment.
  • Quiet, it is nice to be outside the city dazzle, and enjoy nature.
  • Many activities for kids and also adults.
  • Nice BBQ can be organized by yourself or by the restaurant.
  • Close proximity of Shanghai


  • At the time we were there (outside season) many activities closed
  • Some activities expensive
  • No close by shops

2 thoughts on “Checking out Shanghai Haiwan RV in Shanghai”

  1. Dear Sir / Madam

    Could you please be so kind as to answer a few questions for me abouit the camp? I am living in Pudong.

    1. What is the different packages – camper, RV, cottage and what is the price per night for 3 people?
    2. Are there facillities to cook? like a kettle, stove, fridge, etc.
    3. What is the biggest – camper, RV, cottage – how many people can it sleep?
    4. Is there BBQ facilities?
    5. Do we need to bring extra bedding and towels?
    6. Is it easy to get a taxi from the camp to go on day trips? or to return?

    Please reply to my email.

  2. Hello Dudley
    Thanks for asking, here below some answers to your questions.
    1. Only campers are available and there is a difference in prices. The prices vary from standard to VIP and on the list in this blog they are divided by weekdays, weekends, and peak season. Prices are per camper so it does not matter how many you are.
    2 There are different grades of campers, as per ours it was more or less like a hotel room with wheels without cooking facilities. Fridge and water cooker included.
    3. VIP can easily fit 6 people and it is also including a bigger private yard.
    4.Yes there are BBQ places, you can select to rent only BBQ or BBQ including the food.
    5. The bedding and towels are included. Clean and tidy and you can request more if needed.
    6.Yes it should not be any problem. Didi or normal taxi (reception can call for one)

    Best regards CrissCrossChina

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