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Guesstimate of Shanghai Maxus Holiday Plaza RV Park

Many rental RVs waiting
Close to Shanghai Disney Maxus have RV rental and campground for overnight in caravan. Good option for Disney weekend trip as it is almost walking distance

Rental and camping close to Shanghai Disney world

We found out that there is a very nice camping place close to Shanghai Disney world, and we are planning to test it over the weekend shortly. Basically, on a nice day just within walking distance from Disney. All the campers were fixed and of foreign brand and including own terrace with BBQ possibilities. This time for our trip, we rented the RV instead.

July 2022: Now checked the campsite over the weekend LINK

Renting an RV from Maxus

The renting of an RV was quite painless. Just to provide information like passport, visa, and local driving license. All the RVs are from a well-known brand in China, and they have a vast service and office network in China. It is possible sometimes to rent-and drop type of rental agreement. The prices can be a little bit high, about 1600CNY/day, but in my opinion, they are the safest option. Also, they are arranging all kinds of RV trips in China.

Here are the prices for renting. Here are the prices for renting. Rental prices. Maxus price is among the highest but also to be reminded they are the most trustful and quality-wise in the top. All RVs are clean and maintained.
Logo of the Maxus app RV2GO available for iOS and Android, unfortunately only in Chinese. The APP can find rentals, camping places, sightseeing spots, and reviews.

Some pictures of the camping area. Small shop and BBQ of whole lamb available.

Example of travel program from Maxus including the driver in Inner Mongolia


The advertisement, as an example, was during the summer of 2021, and the prices and what is included might have changed. This price is per person and includes a local driver. If needed English speaking driver you need to ask for it. There are not many of them, which might also affect the price. During peak season, the RV’s condition might not be the best, but usually, they are not many years old. Remember to include all you need, bed sheets, pots, and pans, etc.

Maxus is a nationwide rental company and can be found in the most significant cities

Please notice that we have not tested this campsite, only taken pictures when we rented the motor home for the Nanjing trip

Maxus campsite at night
At camping, everyone has their own terrace and BBQ place and space for a bigger family. Several different sizes of caravans are available. Only the RV you can take out, but caravans are fixed.

CrissCrossChina review

Guesstimate of Shanghai Maxus Holiday Plaza RV Park

Location :

Close to Shanghai Disney Maxus have RV rental and campground for overnight in caravan. Good option for Disney weekend trip as it is almost walking distance
Many rental RVs waiting

CrissCrossChinas evaluation of the campsite


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  • Nationwide RV rental with many locations and service coverage
  • Fixed caravans western models with private terrace and BBQ
  • Small convenience shop inside the area
  • Kids' fun, go-cart tracks, and other equipment
  • Very close to Shanghai Disney World, for example, a good place to stay overnight
  • Bus stop just outside the gate to Disney
  • APP available


  • No other shops within walking distance
  • RV rental is on the expensive side. In the year 2021, about 1600CNY/day
  • Rental RV No cooking possibility outside, no solar panel, and no generator

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