Shanghai Disney Camping at Maxus Holiday Plaza RV Park, Weekend with friends

Maxus Holiday Plaza RV Park, perfect for weekend trip for relaxation. Good choice if you plan to visit Shanghai Disneyland as it is nearby.

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This place has been in our minds for a long time, and finally, we had the time to check it out.

The location is perfect if you plan to visit Shanghai Disneyland for a weekend trip. You could call it Shanghai Disney Camping as it is very near Disney. The local bus stops outside the gate, taking about 10-15 minutes for the bus to the destination Disneyland. We also planned this but did not have our passports available, so we did not go there this time.

One minor issue was that PSB held our passport for issuing new residence permits, and I only had paper copies for my daughters and me. Luckily, the police station was only across the street (typically, the campsite can register you), and we could register there with the documents for one night.

I invited some friends who have been helping me translate Chinese for my blog for a relaxing weekend at the Shanghai Maxus Holiday Plaza RV Park. This place is also where we rented our second RV in China for the trip to Nanjing.

Shanghai Maxus Holiday Plaza RV Park, Weekend with friends
CrissCrossChina translation team. Some friends have been helping me to translate the pages.

If you are looking for nearby Camping to Shanghai Disneyland

Maxus has a nationwide network for RV rental; using their APP makes it easy to book and check the locations.

We rented three caravans overnight, and the price was very reasonable 1800CNY total. The time is from 15:00 until noon the next day. These were the small ones from Hobby, where four can easily sleep for the night. A/C, toilet, shower, and small kitchen included. Outside is a big covered terrace with tables, chairs, a washing basin, and BBQ equipment. If you have more people, there are more enormous caravans. It might be challenging to rent during peak season.

Hobby caravan campground close to Shanghai Disney
Hobby Caravan. It easily fits two adults and is in the front space for two more.

Some Shanghai Maxus Holiday Plaza RV Park activities are available for kids and adults.

Some activities available started with the water gun war, where nobody was innocent. Luckily, changing clothes was on our checklist before leaving home. We owned a hammock for a long time and finally tested it satisfactorily.

Fire in the BBQ and let us feast on our stomachs.

We also included a BBQ set for two people. The price was 300CNy, including coal, meat sticks, veggies, and tofu. We did not need a giant BBQ set as we prepared everything by bringing food from home: baby pork ribs, chicken wings, and salads. You must take at least one choice of BBQ food, and then the staff will unlock the BBQ.

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Shanghai Maxus Holiday Plaza RV Park Campground
The campground is relatively small, and in the front, you can see the significant performance stage

Their area is massive, but the campsite itself is in the corner of the area. Immense grasslands and long walking paths surround the place

We finished the camping the next day with brunch at Shanghai Disneyland

Disneyland entrance Shanghai
As we were close by, we spent the camping at Shanghai Disney town with brunch together
CrissCrossChina review

Shanghai Disney Camping at Maxus Holiday Plaza RV Park, Weekend with friends

Maxus Holiday Plaza RV Park, perfect for weekend trip for relaxation. Good choice if you plan to visit Shanghai Disneyland as it is nearby.
  • If living in Shanghai very easy to get here
  • Place is well maintained and clean
  • Close to Shanghai Disney. Just outside the gate there is a bus stop you can take
  • Caravan quality is excellent with A/C, toilet,shower and small kitchen
  • Big covered private terrace with tables, chairs and BBQ
  • The rental price for the smaller caravan very reasonable
  • Activities for the kids. Movies, track with Xiaomi Nine bot cars, paly house for the small ones
  • Nationwide RV rental with many locations and service coverage

Nice place to stay?

  • During high season might be fully occupied
  • Small shop with limited selection. No other shops in walkable distance
  • You must buy a BBQ set, otherwise you cannot use the BBQ
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