Shanghai to Haizhou Bay | Road trip | Inner Mongolia 2021 | Day 1

Road trip | Inner Mongolia 2021 | Shanghai to Haizhou Bay-Yantai | Day 1

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We have been waiting for this, and now the trip has started.

As usual, we were late for the departure and left around noon, and the caravan/car/cargo box was packed with food, clothes, electronics, toys, and all other needs stuffed inside. Caravan storage spaces were quite limited, and luckily, we had the KIA with a rooftop box to fit everything. Preparations have been ongoing for extended periods, and Taobao was heavily used; now it is time to see how we have managed with packing.

The wife has made a lot of preparations regarding food and commonly used articles for the whole trip. I think we can survive for a more extended period without visiting any shops.

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The next stop is Haizou Bay in the evening.

Shanghai to Haizhou Bay | Road trip: Originally, we had planned to reach the target Qingdao (760km), but very soon, we realized that was impossible within a reasonable time. On the way, we searched online for a suitable place to stay and many recommendations for Haizhou Bay parking. I also decided to look to see if it is suitable and safe. This place seemed good for a short stay, and we decided to stay there for one night. The day passed, and we could hear we were close to the sea. There are many seafood restaurants and small fun parks for the children. The parking lot was packed, and the trailer needed maneuvered to find a suitable spot. The music and the sounds lasted until midnight, but after that, it got quiet. Time for a nice first night’s sleep in the caravan.

Shanghai to Haizhou Bay | Road trip

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Shanghai to Haizhou Bay | Road trip | Inner Mongolia 2021 | Day 1

Road trip | Inner Mongolia 2021 | Shanghai to Haizhou Bay-Yantai | Day 1
The long trip started and heading north by highway. The road conditions are excellent and not so much traffic. small beach with many sea food restaurants
  • Big parking place
  • Plenty of seafood restaurants, and plenty of choices
  • Easy accessibility, no one asks anything
  • Small fun park for the kids
  • Can play on the sand at the beach, but surely need to be careful

Nice place to stay?

  • Can be very noisy during the evening
  • Cannot swim in the water
  • Rubbish at the beach
  • Toilets look terrible but you can use them
  • No showers
  • Mostly the seafood was frozen and not fresh
  • It is a parking lot, meaning no water or electricity connections

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