Shanghai to Haizhou Bay-Yantai

Shanghai to Haizhou Bay-Yantai

This is what we have been waiting for and now the trip starts

Next stop is Haizou bay at evening

As usual, we were late for the departure and left around 12 PM and the caravan/car/cargo box have been packed with food, clothes, electronics, toys and all other needed stuffed inside. Caravans storage spaces were quite limited and luckily we had the Kia with rooftop box so we could fit everything. Preparations have been ongoing for a longer period and Taobao was heavily used and now it is time to see how we have managed with packing.

Wife has made a lot of preparations regarding food and commonly used articles for the whole trip. I think we can survive for a longer period without visiting any shop.

Short TikTok video and an aerial view of the parking lot

Originally we had planned to reach target Qingdao (760km), and very soon we realized that’s not possible within a reasonable time. On the way, we searched online for a suitable place to stay and many recommendations for Haizhou Bay parking. Decided to take a look if it is suitable and safe. This place seemed to be really good for a short stay and we decided to stay here for one night. The day already passed and we could hear we are close to the sea. Many restaurants with seafood available and small fun park for the children. The parking lot was packed and needed to maneuver the trailer to find a suitable spot. The music and the sounds lasted until 12 PM but after that it got quiet. Time for nice first night sleep in the caravan.

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Google Maps Haizhou Bay

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Baidu Maps 江苏北戴河

Here is our evaluation of Haizhou Bay beachfront and parking

CrissCrossPoints 2

Cannot give more Crosspoints for this location. Even the evening atmosphere was nice in the end this is a temporarily solution as you cannot even swim in the ocean.

Positive things

  • Big parking place
  • Plenty of seafood restaurants, and plenty of choises
  • Easy accessibilty, no-one asks anything
  • Small fun aprk for the kids
  • Can play at the sand at the beach, surely needed to be careful


  • Can be very noisy during evening
  • Cannot swim in the water
  • Rubbish at the beach
  • Toilets looks terrible but you can use them
  • No showers
  • Mostly the seafood was frozen and not fresh
  • It is a parking lot, meaning no water or electricity connections

Continuing the trip to Yantai and Ban Ma RV & Park

Ban Ma RV & Park, the camp has been set up, and time to take care of some remote work.

Slowly heading for Qingdao and we found a camping place on the way in Yantai. Recommended from various forums and the internet. The name is Ban Ma RV & Park 邂逅独院露营温馨体验 and checked in with ease. Spot for our caravan and car was fully in the bushes and that is quite normal here, as DIY travels are not so common. They had the electricity/water available, so for one night, it was ok. We are in a little bit hurry as we will meet some friends in Inner Mongolia and need to keep some schedule so not so much sightseeing on the way.

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Google Maps Ban Ma RV & Park

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Baidu Maps 邂逅独院露营温馨体验

Wake up call

Early morning wake-up at 6 AM, the heaven poured rain like never before. Our awning had collapsed and also the mosquito tent under it. Rushed out to save some of the shoes and other stuff but they have mostly soaked already. To be too confident about the weather might hit you when sudden changes. One hint also is to have some weights on the awning legs in case windy in the area. Luckily only our shoes and some clothes got wet + I was like swimming with clothes on. Lessons learned, check the forecast.

Longest slide i have seen

This was a big place with jurta’s and fixed caravans and not so much for kids in the camping place. Outside instead there was a park, with the longest slide I had ever seen. Unfortunately, it was not open during our visit

Time for our CrissCrossPoints for Ban Ma RV & Park


This is what I came up with during the short stay, also our recommendation this is only a short stay place.


  • The flowers are overwhelmingly surrounding you
  • Water/electricity available
  • Public toilets
  • Friendly staff
  • You can have long walks in the area
  • Loooong water slide
  • Short distance, 30 min drive from one of the most famous beaches in China


  • Not so many activities inside camping area for kids
  • Could not find any shops
  • No public shower
  • No sewage emptying point
  • Water slide closed and also other external activities. This was in July and shoudl be tourist season

Day visit to Golden Sandy Beach also known as Jinshatan Beach

Fun at the Golden Sandy Beach

The next day we took a day trip to the local beach, Golden Sandy Beach 金沙滩(青岛印象·金沙滩东北), only 30 minutes drive from the camping and it was one of the best beaches I have visited in China. Very clean and nice with cleaners and guards working to keep it tidy and safe.

The beach is about 3,500m long and 300m wide and known as the “The number No. 1 beach in Asia”.

Jinshatan can be divided into seven areas: exhibition area, sports area, children’s land, seashore entertainment area, bathing area, leisure area and shopping area. The recreational facilities are well equipped. During the day, visitors can go yachting, speed boating or surfing. Football and volleyball matches are held here, as well as musical performances and evening parties. After a busy day, it is good to have a relaxing bath in the bathing area, then camp on the Golden Sand Beach and enjoy the beautiful night.

Golden Sand Beach welcomes visitors from all over the world. It is a place worth visiting.

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Google maps Golden Sandy Beach

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Baidu maps 金沙滩(青岛印象·金沙滩东北)


Golden sandy beach

CrissCrossPoints 4
CrissCrossPoints 4


  • Very clean and well maintained
  • Long beach with many activities, surely most of them you need to pay for.
  • Small shops for snacks and beac activities
  • Plenty of parking space


  • Shower for the visitors expensive
  • Shower area was somehow clean but most of the lights out (local saving style)

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