Short introduction of our travel posts categories in China

Travel in China by RV or caravan

We are a family traveling in China with rental motor homes (RV) and caravans, exploring the network of crossroads, highways, camping sites etc. in this vast country. Here is an short introduction of our travel posts categories.

Until now we don’t own RV or caravan so all of our trips are done by rental equipment. Each time we have used different rentals and we have collected some information of them. This is where the name CrissCrossChina originates from.  It was a sudden brainstorming that hit me in year 2020, when we could not take any trips outside of the borders due to the global situation.

Happy traveling in China and follow our travels.


Facts of China‘s camping situation

 China’s RV market has undergone significant changes over several years, including a national focus on developing tourism, campgrounds, and the RV industry. With a growing demand for RVs and a shift in consumers’ travel preferences. More people choose to explore the countryside and hit the roads with recreation vehicles.

With the growing popularity and demand for RVs, China has a shortage of available campgrounds.

In 2014, China had around 200 campgrounds nationwide. From there, we can see significant increase years 2016-2019; the numbers rise from 958 to 1778 campgrounds.

In comparison, USA has more than 15,000 parks and France 8300 parks.


China's RV market

 China’s domestic RV market is in the early stages of development. By the end of 2016, Chinese consumers purchased an estimated 25,000 RVs; this number could reach 500,000 by 2020 as China’s growing economy, and rising middle class continue to energize an increasing demand for leisure-related goods and activities, such as RVs and RV camping.

State Council, China’s cabinet has announced the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25) and will promote inbound tourism. The country has pledged to improve services to provide more convenience for foreign travelers in optimizing self-driving trips, customs clearance, financial payments, internet services, and signs in various languages.



Petri Muurimaki (大P)

Petri Muurimaki (大P)

Trying to create a blog with something useful. This have been a long road as all is done by me and needed to learn from scratch.

Lanny Muurimaki 熊妈

Lanny Muurimaki 熊妈

Main tasks are planning and preparing the trips. As a co-navigator shouting turn left/ right and here and there

Many camps/cities/sightseeing spots have been visited, and many more remain to go.
We will check out as many camping sites as possible on our paths for family friendliness, make a short review of the facilities and other meaningful items for your reference.
To be mentioned, we don’t own a RV or caravan, the only way for us is to use rentals from different resources, therefore, we can provide trustworthy rental information and share tips and tricks. All information is based on our experiences. Please check our short introduction of our travel posts categories


All blog posts

Collection of all the blog posts we have made from our travels. From south to north and east to west. Picture link

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Camping sites in China

Visiting as many camping sites as possible and make a short review about family-friendliness, location, and facilities within our journeys. There is hardly any information in English on the web, and Chinese information is also limited

We are sharing our personal experiences with you to help make traveling easier. Picture link


Cities on our paths

We are not collecting much information about the cities but this page will give you the selection to search for possible camping sites at the location.

Use the menu to check if the city you are interested in is available. Picture Link

Road law and information we have collected

What is the regulation in China Road Safety Law, what else you need to consider? Questions and answers about the driving license, rental, and tips when you renting an RV / Caravan in China. Must know checklists if renting RV/caravan.

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Our road trips in China

Our road trips are mainly made to head correct direction and stop when needed. Sometimes boon docking at parking places is a must, and there have been positive surprises on the way. The most difficulty is to find the overnight places, as the camping areas are not  well-marked. There is several apps but they are mainly in Chinese. Picture Link

Zhujiajiao Ancient Town, 1700 years old Chinese town
Some of the sightseeing spots

I don't know how many stairs climbed in the mountains and how many old houses i have visited, but it is always interesting to see, especially the old villages. Tasting of local homemade delicious dishes and just enjoying the views at the mighty mountains.

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