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Road trip | Inner Mongolia 2021 | Some additional information before the trip

Road trip | Inner Mongolia 2021 | Some additional information before the trip
Road trip | Inner Mongolia 2021 | Some additional information before the trip
Last minute information before the trip.

We started our long journey from Shanghai and headed for Qiandao but still some checks to be done

First of all, if you plan to have a caravan to rent please check that you have available parking space for it. We had issues finding space and finally decided to park the caravan on the side of the road where we know there seldom give any parking tickets. No way we could get it inside the compound and the parking lot where we were supposed to park the caravan suddenly refused. The day we left we were able to get it inside the compound for a shorter period for the packing.

Packed all the gear as good we could and tried to balance the load. Our Kia Sorento’s max. ball weight is around 100kg so following that rule we should be ok. Heavy water and milk in the rear and generator in the front.

Still need to verify and check some issues

  • Availability of RV in Hulunbuir. Maxus has a rental place in Hulunbuir and the availability needs to be confirmed and all information can be found with the app. For some reason, the rentals are not yet available for July and we are following this. Why we want to use Maxus is only because it is a big/reliable company with many rental locations. Some minor issues with other rentals so, therefore, we prefer them.
  • Travel directly to Hulunbuir. There are several options but what is the best is still pending. Once per day, there is a direct flight from Shanghai, taking the train from Shanghai to Hulumbuir, mixing train and flights.
  • All the rentals and flights/trains need to handled by each individual personally. We can try to reduce the price by negotiating with Maxus if we are more families. We are not a travel agency but would like more persons to enjoy traveling in China by motor home and would be nicer together. On our website CrissCrossChina there is more information regarding travel in China by RV. For questions, you can use our Facebook or email address [email protected]

We will continue to update this blog as we got more information.


We are now a total of 4 families traveling to Hulunbuir. The meeting date would be on 10th July and our family is the only ones driving up there. We will start the journey on 2nd or 3rd July from Shanghai and others will take flight and have rented the RV from Inner Mongolia.

Some updates from our side. We have now changed our plan regarding the rental of an RV and rented a MIY MYY9012XLJ03 caravan (review) instead. It was difficult to find an RV in our price range and also the layouts were not to our liking. Found a small rental company with caravans and the layout was suitable for us.

Review available of MIY caravan.

  • Ski box for more storage space, 700L
  • Mirror extensions
  • Installing the towing hook for the car.
  • Fire extinguisher, 2kg
  • Service of the car. Oil/filter change, fuel filter change, check of brake pads, air-filter change, and verifying underneath of the car that all ok (shockers, springs).
  • Additional pockets and a soft table to be used behind the seats for kids.
  • Mosquito net tent, will be used in Inner Mongolia, don’t know if needed but nice to have dinner outside without the mosquitos
  • Update of our First Aid kit. Bandages, medicines for different uses.
Road trip | Inner Mongolia 2021 | Preparations for the long summer trip
RV2GO ad for Inner Mongolia

Rental of RV in Hulumbuir

Here is some price information from Maxus including a driver for 7-days. We received this from their sales staff by WeChat therefore it is optimized to be used by WeChat. You can scan the QR code or by this link. Unfortunately, the whole page is in Chinese but you could use Google translate.

Our plan for the trip is, will drive up north by RV from Shanghai and meet my friend in Inner Mongolia somewhere. From there we will travel together and enjoy Inner Mongolia.

Advertisement for RV rental Inner Mongolia. The trip can be tailor-made and if needed also includes the driver.

Two families meeting far away from home

Lunch break at step in Inner Mongolia
Having lunch in the grasslands on Road Trip to Inner Mongolia with my friends.
Preparations before the trip. Car and caravan have been checked with minor issues


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