SUP-Paddleboarding in Shanghai (Budget-friendly)

SUP-Paddleboarding in Shanghai (Budget-friendly)

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Weekend fun with the SUP board in Shanghai with the kids

Our neighbor invited us to paddleboarding in Shanghai, where SUP fanatics paddle in free time. This is the first time I have seen any SUP boards here. I checked some prices in TaoBao, and the OK ones’ starting prices are around 1200CNY. An electrical pump is recommended, as pumping the board at +30 degrees might be sweaty.

I’m not a specialist in the SUP area, but the place was nice, and many others were there during the weekend. Maybe weekdays can be less crowded.

The day SUP-Paddleboarding in Shanghai was very nice without the sun shining directly, instead hiding behind the clouds. Kids loved it, but we only had one board on which they took turns. I tried with them on the same board, and I could hear the arguments and fight across the small waterway.

Interested in SUP-paddleboarding in Shanghai | Girl with SUP board in Shanghai
Enjoying the weekend with the board on the canals

At least the kids had fun, but they don’t fit on the same board. It is a never-ending argument about the direction of the board.

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SUP-Paddleboarding in Shanghai (Budget-friendly)

SUP-Paddleboarding in Shanghai (Budget-friendly)
Looking for a nice place to take out your SUP board in Shanghai. Here is one where local SUP fanatics gather and paddle thru the canals
  • Nice long canals for cruising with paddle board
  • Water seems to be clean
  • Picnic at the grasslands
  • You can rent a SUP board if the renter is there
  • You can find in Taobao for little over 1000CNY a board

Happiness of kids?

Fun factor
  • Not an official place
  • No facilties closeby
  • Location little bit remote
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