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Here is all of our blog posts from our travels in china

Road trip | Easter 2021 | Huge camping area called "To Journey" | Day 7
The biggest campsite we have visited in China. Plenty of rental caravans, a big hotel, and many activities...
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Road trip | Easter 2021 | Xidi Gucunluo centuries-old village | Day 6
Traveling by RV and found a village founded in the 11th century, with elaborate, stone-carved roofs,...
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Road trip | Easter 2021 | Beautiful scenery at Huangling mountains Wuyuan village | Day 5
Boondocking at parking lot by Huangling mountains and Wuyuan village as there is no campsite in proximity.
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Road trip | Easter 2021 | Drive-thru mountains to reach Huangling scenic area | Day 4
Leaving the camping at Qiandao lake and taking narrow serpentine road G237 thru mountains to Huangling...
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Road trip | Easter 2021 | 36 County Rural Resort Hotel camping | Day 3
This campground is belongs to one of the better ones we have visited, perfect for long weekend trip from...
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Road trip | Easter 2021 | Qiandao Lake lake with the 1000 islands | Day 2
This is the famous thousand island lake in Qiandao. We visited couple of them.
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