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Road Trip in Town of Arxan and Boondocking at closed hotel parking during our road trip to Inner Mongolia

Road trip in Town of Arxan and boondocking at closed hotel | Inner Mongolia 2021 | Day 15-16

Road Trip in Town of Arxan, Leaving fast the Arxan camping as our daughter got sick . Decided for boondocking...
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Tianbian Grasslands and spectacular Circus In Manzhouli

Tianbian Grasslands and spectacular Circus In Manzhouli |Road trip | Inner Mongolia 2021 | Day 13-14

Color blast from the entrance of camping area in Manzhouli by caravan and the Russian style Circus at...
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New law for caravans. Towing capacity must show on cars documentation in China

Caravan in China, possible? Rent a Caravan in Shanghai.

Laws and regulation for traveling in China by caravan. new regulations from April 2022: needed C6 class...
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Huge camping To Jorney camping site

Huge camping area called "To Journey" | Road trip | Easter 2021 | Day 7

The biggest campsite we have visited in China. Plenty of rental caravans, a big hotel, and many activities...
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Xidi Gucunluo village gate

Road trip in Xidi Gucunluo centuries-old village-Easter 2021 | Day 6

One of the China's World Heritage places to visit,11th century, with elaborate, stone-carved roofs, mansions...
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Huangling Mountain top

Beautiful scenery at Huang Ling Jing Qu - Wuyuan village | Road trip | Easter 2021 | Day 5

Boondocking at parking lot by Huangling mountains and Wuyuan village as there is no campsite in proximity...
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