Huangshan mountains also known as Yellow mountains

Road trip in Huangshan Mountains-Easter 2021 | Day 8

Huangshan Mountains, also known Yellow mountains.. Boondocking at Japanese sauna in the evening and sleeping...
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Huangling Mountain top

Beautiful scenery at Huang Ling Jing Qu - Wuyuan village | Road trip | Easter 2021 | Day 5

Boondocking at parking lot by Huangling mountains and Wuyuan village as there is no campsite in proximity...
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Drive-thru mountains to reach Huangling -Scenic area-Road trip | Easter 2021| Day 4

Leaving the camping at Qiandao lake and taking narrow serpentine road G237 thru mountains to Huangling...
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Qiandao Lake lake with the 1000 islands. Lake rope bridge

Qiandao Lake lake with the 1000 islands | Road trip | Easter 2021 | Day 2

This is the famous thousand island lake in Qiandao. You can choose from half/ full day trips with the...
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Zhujiajiao Ancient town 2021-02-14 17-39-01

Zhujiajiao Ancient Town, 1700 years old Chinese town

Zhujiajiao Ancient town is a water town on the outskirts of Shanghai, and was established about 1,700...
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Wutzhen water town canals

Wuzhen Old Water Town

Boondocking at Wuzhen Old Water Town, a beautiful 1300 years old town, filled with canals and old building...
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