Tangshan Hot Springs RV Camping in Nanjing

Leaving Tangshan Hot Spring RV camp in Nanjing
Checking out, Parked outside, and waiting for bills to be paid

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Finally, we arrived at our destination and could start to relax for the weekend

What was needed to enter the campsite on the date 2020/11/05:

  • Yes, the Green health code
  • Yes, passport
  • No, the nucleic test
Nanjing Tangshan Hot Springs RV Camp | Registering to campsite in Nanjing
Registering was no issue at all. I have a new passport, so better to keep the old one with me so they can see the last date of arrival to China

The Tangshan Hot Springs RV Camping in Nanjing site lies on the foot of Tangshan mountain. Therefore, guests can enjoy the beautiful mountain view.
The security guard was friendly and glad to leave a memory with a foreign guest to express his hospitality. Cleanliness and organization are the key points, and many spots are reserved for the DIY traveler. They had private spaces, tables, and a wash/cutting area. Surrounded by a tree fence for privacy. Not so many families at this time of year, maybe two families overnight at the campsite.

Tangshan Hot Springs RV Camping in Nanjing | Logo
Tangshan Hot Springs RV Camping

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Amazing what can be done with old car tires. Imagination is the limit.

Imagination what to do with used car tires
Imagination what to do with used car tires. Here is a tank with the big gun
Tangshan Hot Springs RV Camping | Airplane made of tires Tangshan RV Camping | Airplane made of tires
Maybe Spitfire or Fokker, but not the Red Barons plane
Wooden guitar player
Nanjing RV Wooden guitar player
Clock made of used car tires
Time is ticking. Tire clock

Kids were enjoying and exploring the various playgrounds. You can imagine how fun it would be when kids play and run around during the season. I paid a visit to the spa inside the camping ground, and only a few of the pools were open to the public. For the price we paid, I would expect the natural spring pools to be available, or maybe we should keep them closed when there are no quests. I felt like I had been cheated of my money, as you cannot see the area beforehand.

Spa at the camping

Enjoying a meal outside in the fresh air is something.

Good to have table beside the parking spot. Makes it easy to prepare for lunch
It is good to have a table beside the parking spot. Makes it easy to prepare lunch

This campsite had all the needed facilities for a more extended stay.

Tangshan Hot Springs RV Camping in Nanjing DIY travel
It is very spacious and has all the necessities needed for a more extended stay. Electricity, water, covered table, and benches

The camping facilities were good, and all the necessary facilities for longer stays are available. showers, kitchen, and washing areas are well equipped and open for tent campers. The facility had toilets, showers, laundry, and a relaxation room. A small shop in the place where you could buy snacks and BBQ.

Nanjing camping big rental caravan in Nanjing
Bigger families will also fit in these caravans

Back to home

Heading back home. Just one stop before Shanghai at FangMaoShan Service area, a dinosaur-themed station. It’s a strange theme, in my opinion, but kids like it. There can be peculiar theme attractions in China, such as Thames Town, Bruce Lee Paradise Park, and the Roast Duck Museum.

Dinosaur Service station on the way to Shanghai
Dinosaur Service station on the way to Shanghai

Google maps

Baidu Maps

Maxus RV

Good RV to be driving around with. Maxus rental places are located everywhere in China, and the service is good. One of the most significant downsides is the price, which seems to be higher. This car lacked an outdoor cooking facility, as only one is inside; an 800W cooking plate makes it difficult for a more prominent family to cook outside.

CrissCrossChina review

Tangshan Hot Springs RV Camping in Nanjing

Leaving Tangshan Hot Spring RV camp in Nanjing
A surprise in Najing, this campground was exceptional good. Everything even for longer stay available and easily could stay for a week
  • A good place even for a longer stay
  • Big area and secure. All needed services, such as toilets, shower, washing machines, a cooking, waste station for RV are available
  • Electricity, water connection, and overall cleanliness
  • Own big bench/tables outside and many BBQ/cooking places all around the camping
  • Individual camp lot separated by bushes
  • Close to a big amusement park
  • Spa for relaxation

Nice place to stay?

  • Waste stations for RV could be better protected
  • A small convenience store in the camping area should have more choices.
  • One star is for the hot springs in the camping area, overpriced in comparison of the pool area, 80rmb/guest
  • Nothing for children in the spa, except the pool with small fish inside the hot springs.
  • Over half of the pools were not open for the guests and some of the pools were very hot
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