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Tenting Mid-Autumn festival 2021 Dingwen RV Camping Base

Camping ready
By tent in Shanghai? Chongming Island, a good place for weekend stay without driving to far away

The camping area close to Shanghai where you can stay for a nice weekend with/without kids

This place is not easy to find on the internet or some other media but could be seen in the camping/traveling below app. Both of the map applications did not have address information. At least Google maps can show the buildings but Baidu only shows fields.

This is what we use during our trips. You can find camping, rentals, repair shops, and all other things needed for traveling in China with the app. There are some more useful apps so check this page for more information. The biggest limitation with Woyouzhijia is, that when searching with it, it has a search radius of a max of 200km and only in Chinese.

Arrival the camping on Chongming Island

The campsite is located in between some farm fields and the sound from the highway could not reach or be heard at all. Plenty of green areas and waterways and some forest surrounding the campsite. In the area, we could find restaurants with standard local dishes for lunch/dinner and there were plenty of seating places for a bigger group.

Activities for the kids in the activity house

Kids found immediately the activity house where they had fancy and nice pieces of equipment, starting from microscopes with specimens you could study. For the dark night telescopes were available and hope the Shanghais lights and pollution are not preventing star watches. Ping pong is a must and also they had a small shop with some snacks and drinks. At that moment shelves were not filled fully in the shop but as per the owner, they will fill more and have a bigger variety later on.

BBQ at the camping with new equipment

The campsite had brand new BBQ s that you could borrow. We took that change immediately and made some Russian-style Šašlik. Having your own tables and chairs with you is a nice add-on so you can enjoy dinner in the piece and with your family. The owners/staff are very friendly and if needed they can provide tables/chairs and BBQ to your place to enjoy meals on the spot without the need to drag everything from home.

The place can accommodate about 30 RVs and campers with tents are welcomed

The price is 180CNY/day including water/electricity. I think this is very reasonable as it is including the water and electricity

CrissCrossChina review

Tenting Mid-Autumn festival 2021 Dingwen RV Camping Base

Location :

By tent in Shanghai? Chongming Island, a good place for weekend stay without driving to far away
Camping ready

CrissCrossChinas evaluation of the campsite


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  • Nice place in proximiyty of Shanghai
  • All parking places for RV have electricity and water
  • You can borrow BBQ and if needed you can buy the BBQ ingredients
  • Restaurant in the area if tired of cooking
  • Activity house, many activities available
  • Nature with closeby fields


  • Difficulties to find, only by Woyouzhijia APP
  • Only one public toilet, that one was clean
  • The shop did not have so many items to choose from

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