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Road trip | Easter 2021 | Qiandao Lake lake with the 1000 islands | Day 2

Qiandao Lake rope bridge
Qiandao Lake rope bridge
This is the famous thousand island lake in Qiandao. We visited couple of them.

Arrival at lake and campsite

Thousand island Qiandao Lake 千岛湖

We arrived at Qiandao Lake a little bit late and what you will see during the day, is purely depends on how early you come. 9:00 is the preferable time for purchasing the tickets if you want to have a full-day trip. There are different lengths of trips with a duration of 4-7h hour and the length will also determine how many islands you will be hopping. Our trip took about 4h and it was including two islands. The cost was 180CNY/person and reminder, take some snacks with you. The shop on the boat has a very limited selection, and also the pricing is on the higher side. Don’t dream of visiting all islands as there are 1,078 large islands on the lake and a few thousand smaller ones are scattered across it. The islands in the lake include Bird Island, Snake Island, Monkey Island, Lock Island (featuring supposedly the world’s biggest lock), and the Island to Remind You of Your Childhood.

Wikipedia Qiandao Lake

Visited two islands in Qiandao.

The first Huangshanjian 黄山尖 and the second island was Paotai Mountain 炮台山 at Green Grass Wudao 青草坞岛 island also known as Bird Island

Stairs, stairs, and stairs. That is the common way to visit famous places in China. Good for the health and maybe lose a few kilos. Something that shot down my thinking of losing weight was the sausages from the local shop. There was plenty to do, for example feeding fish on top of the mountain, having a peaceful walk in the forest, and hopping on the stones at the small waterfall. The scenic Pavilion had a great view of the area and you could see many of the islands and take a break there. Unfortunately, the weather was not in our favor but at least it was not raining.

Bird island which had several birds in cages and what can you say. Small cages or short chains with big birds are beyond my interest and enjoyment. I wish at least they should have more space. The island itself was enjoyable and had some nice views.

Top of mountain view of Paotai Mountain 炮台山 First time for me playing with the drone and really afraid if it get lost

CrissCrossChina gladly recommends visiting Qiandao Lake.

Next place is 36 County Rural Resort Hotel camping, more of that in my next post.


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CrissCrossChina review

The good and the bad according to our experience

Qiandao Lake rope bridge
Qiandao Lake
This is the famous thousand island lake in Qiandao. We visited couple of them.
Overall Points

Thumbs up

  • Very peaceful and beautiful place
  • The island mountains with the vegetation and paths
  • Ferrie trips between the islands are nice to take some rest
  • Different amounts of islands to visit. From shorter three islands to several islands
  • Animals to see, monkey island, bird island and also snake island exists

thumbs down

  • Need to be very early at the ticket office to go for a longer trip
  • Bring your own snacks for the ferry trip as the shop there is not including many choices
  • Need to be early at the ticket counter if you want a longer trip

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