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Road trip | Easter 2021 | Preparations | Day 0

Road trip | Easter 2021 | Preparations Day 0
Road trip | Easter 2021 | Preparations Day 0
Road trip in China. Preparations or our Easter 2021 trip to Huangshan (Yellow Mountains) and Huangling mountains from Shanghai by RV

The PLAN for RVing during Easter

Here is our plan for the coming eastern holiday of what we are going to do. We will be driving from Shanghai to the Huang (Yellow) Mountains, an estimated eight days.

The route would be something like Shanghai – Qiandao Lake (overnight) – Jiangling (Jiangxi Shangrao) (overnight) – Sightseeing around Jiangling (overnight) – Huang (Yellow) Mountain (overnight) – Sightseeing around Huang (Yellow) Mountain   (overnight) – Continue Huang (Yellow) Mountain (overnight) – Shanghai.

The route we selected is not carved in stone, and depending on how we feel, we will modify it. This is the freedom with motor-home 🙂

If you have any recommendations on where to stop, we will gladly take your advice.

  • Sightseeing spots
  • Camping places
  • Hiking
  • Restaurants on the way
  • Authentic old towns
  • Anything else interesting


The first one was Han Wang Fang Che RV rental

On Saturday 27th March we visited a couple of new motor-home rentals and checked the pricing and availability.

Saturday’s visit to RV rental was not promising at first sight, but the ending of this story is good.

We drove yesterday 168km in Shanghai traffic and needed to spend the whole day on this issue.

The first shop we visited only has one RV on the site, and their main business scope is RV renovation and decoration. The shop looked very shady, and the single motor home they had was not what we expected. They declared that it had just been returned, and a total clean-up (filthy inside) would be done before the next rental. The only positive thing was the layout inside. Double bed at rear and bed on top of the dining table that could be lowered, so the dining area was big when not using the bed. According to the worker, they have 11 of these and all rented out to some film team, doubt that. Also, on the parking lot, there was a caravan that had seen better days. We quickly decided that we would not rent from here. I’ll just put a couple of pictures here from that place.

Here’s a list of other places we have been using or visited Rentals

Next place with the name of YOUYOUFANGCHE, lets check this one

As it was Saturday, we had plenty of time and the sales rep. We called some other rental, which was almost 20km away, and we decided to go and take a look. Arriving at the next place did not give a good impression. Some truck stop/warehouse and two RV’s.

It does not look like a respectable RV rental at all. Found the owner between the RVs as he was cleaning them. He was very friendly helpful, and they did the cleaning well. And this was equipped with all that we wanted. Until now, this is the best RV that we have rented in China; all others have been sort of compromised—missing this and lacking that.

  • Microwave oven
  • Washing machine
  • Bed arrangement
  • Bicycle rack
  • Electrical and gas cooking possibility
  • Included camping chairs and tables
  • Plenty of storage places
  • Good design of toilet
  • TV with USB media possibility
  • Reasonable prizing 1100CNY/day + 50CNY/day commercial insurance
  • Generator
  • Refrigerator with freezer

We decided to go ahead, but before any payment is made, he needs to send us pictures for all documentation (update from today, 30 March, all documents have been seen, and we have paid the down payment). Traffic Insurance, as usual, we also took Commercial insurance (an additional 50CNY/day), and we were required to see the vehicle inspection report.


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  1. You’ve changed your original plan 😁 Your new plan looks fantastic, have a nice trip and take pics
    BTW I prefer translate Yellow mountain as Huang mountain, since the mountain is not yellow😂

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