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36 County Rural Resort Hotel camping
Information what to check and think about if renting RV in China. Tips and tricks

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36 County Rural Resort Hotel camping
Information what to check and think about if renting RV in China. Tips and tricks

Tips and tricks RV/caravan in China

We have collected tips and tricks for fellow travelers​​.

Is it possible to rent a motor-home in China? The answer is yes!

For a foreigner, the first “must” is a Chinese driving license classified as C1. For how to acquire a Chinese driving license, please check the link below. Then the payment. Due to the small market needs of motor-homes, most of the
renting companies are small-scaled compared to their European and other western countries counterparts, therefore, only cash, local credit card, and other Chinese smartphone payments are accepted. Foreign credit cards will be rejected. Normally a big amount of the deposit is required. Most of the deposit will be refunded a few days or few weeks after returning from the motor home, while a  small amount will be kept for a month in case there are traffic violation records during the renting period.

RV rental prices

Rental prices might vary depending on the season and where you rent from. Prices have been between 1200-1500CNY/day. Some places have membership fees, but you need to be careful. Try to use all days included immediately as it is common for the company to change owner or closure. If this happens you might have difficulties using the upfront paid days in your membership to be used.

Negotiating rental of RV
Negotiating the price, this company is closed now and we lost 2 days in membership fees. At the moment avoid Tiande

RV Chec​​k​list   

RV physical check  

  •  Motor-home physical condition, for example, check the tires condition and engine oil.
  • Shoot video and photos on the details, and overall,before heading out.
  • The car needs to be returned with a full tank. 

We have had one previous experience with a passenger car, where the rental company insisted the car be returned tank half full.


Documentation and Insurance

  • Check the insurance conditions and its coverage. Commercial insurance normally adds costs around additional 50CNY/day.
  • Yearly check has been done and correct owner on the documents.
  • Return policy overall. Some few rentals might have the rent and drop policy.
  • Regarding caravan insurance, it should be covered by the cars third party insurance. Some insurers have disclosed that so better to check the fine print.
Chinese standard electrical sockets
Chinese standard electrical sockets

The day-to-day use articles

  • Which are not included in the motor-home, are different than other countries. The renting company do not supply these unless you request, which include but not limited like:
    • Bed sheets, cooking ware,  gas bottle,  external generator, cables for external electrical connection. Water hose and connectors.
  • Even to check if the water tank is full, in general in China the water tank holds 140 liters.

Additional information

  • The RV is normally equipped with A/C, but will need external power or a generator. It can be run shortly with batteries. A/C can be used for cooling and some A/C units can also used for heating.
  • Electrical sockets, three standards exists. Please check the picture.
  • Heating is usually done using a diesel heater (Webasto or similar) in wintertime, verify if your RV have in case travelling in cold area.
  • External generator or fuel tank will be difficult to fill at gas station.
    • You will need a letter from PSB or Chinese ID and they will still refuse to fill it in many places. Internal generators is not a problem
  • Gas bottles, if taking a ferry no size gas bottles allowed.
  • Remember to verify that the province you are traveling to allows 10kg gas bottles as it is prohibited in some provinces.

Personal checklist  

  • Remember to bring your passport with the valid visa. If you have recently changed passport, bring the old one with you, as exit and entry stamps needs to be verified. Have copies of documents in mobile or as paper.
  • Chinese driving license, minimum grade C1.
    • China has mutually recognized driver’s licenses with the United Arab Emirates UAE and Belgium and inked such an agreement with Serbia.
    • China, France to Recognize Each Other’s Driving Licenses
    • I dont have the official information but this could be found in news
  • Contact information in case of break down. Some of the rentals have offices in major cities.
  • For your safety, a first Aid kit. This needs to be provided by your self.
  • Most of the campsites we have visited have been friendly and they have been able to make the registration to PSB (Public Security Bureau). There is some exemption and the reasons mostly dont fill in the form to police or unsure of the law regarding foreigners.
  • Check routes with campsites. Problem is there is limited information on the internet and English sites are almost none. Sometimes when not able to reach destination in time, we stayed overnight at large Service Stations along the highway (south part of China). Good point is that those are normally open 24/7 with restaurants, public toilets and security.
    • Exemption to this was during our trip to Inner Mongolia, more north we drove, the quality of the stations went down and would not like to stay overnight in one of those.
  • In China boon-docking is not recommended. There is seldom parking ares that are suitable and safety concern needs to be taken in to account. Check a place with many persons.
  • More information Wikipedia and english/chinese Road traffic safety law in Peoples of republic of China (中华人民共和国道路交通安全法)


Please note that under the newest traffic law; when accidents happen between
pedestrians, non-motorized vehicles, motor vehicles, and cars, the cars need to
bear most of the responsibility unless the other party violates the traffic
law. Meaning car insurance needs to take responsibility in 99% of the cases.

There is som very good apps in China for travelers. Unfortunately these are only in Chinese.

Woyou 窝友自驾 icon

Woyouzijia (窝友自驾).

You can rent company/private RVs and check for camping/boondocking locations from it. No web page is available, only as an app for Android or IOS.

Maxus branded help for travelers.


Sales of new and second-hand RVs. Rental of the RVs from companies and private persons.

Sales of new and second-hand RVs. Rental of the RVs from companies and private persons.

Emergency telephone numbers in China
Emergency telephone numbers in China

Emergency telephone numbers in China:

  • 110 may be used for all emergencies. It is the first number to call.
  • 12110 Police (Text message)
  • 12110 First-aid Ambulance
  • 120 Fire
  • 119Traffic Accidents
  • 12395 SOS in Water

Driving in China

Traffic in China is a little bit chaotic compared to Europe because of the vast number of vehicles on the roads. Even though the traffic has improved dramatically, drivers’ habits have not changed much. For example, sudden lane changes without prior notice, and electric bikes are still the biggest challenges on the roads. Cars from residential areas and small roads seldom look left before driving turns. Most of the highways are in perfect condition. 
One thing to be emphasized here is that normally toll fees need to be paid before getting out from the highway. There are “ETCs” for electronic payment (a prepaid card with a reader glued on the windshield, and the cost will be deducted automatically when the car drives through an ETC lane.) There are also lanes for manual drivers available.
Gasoline and diesel are provided by highway service centers but in the cities, some of the gasoline stations do not provide diesel.  
The road signs are big and both in Chinese and English )if correct it is in pinyin), so you won’t miss them.

Traffic in China
Example Chinese driving license
Example Chinese driving license

Navigation in China

My experience of using GPS in China comes from 2 different apps.
The first one is iOS Maps that can be used fully in English. It is sufficient
for most foreign travelers. The Other Chinese options both for iOS and Android are the AMAP Autonavi (高德地图) and Baidu maps (百度地图).  Both can be found on Google Play or download from their web page.  Unfortunately, Amap/Baidu are a pure Chinese application, therefore a limiting factor for non-Chinese speakers. 

Most usable applications for navigation in China

iOS icon

iOS maps are working great in China and it is accurate and the big benefit it is available in English depending on your iPhone settings.


AMAP might be the most used by locals. Mostly available in Chinese and supported Android and iOS + PC. I have and cheap Android radio in my car and managed to get the English version installed. Anyway, the addresses are in Chinese.

Baidu maps Icon

Baidu map is also very useful and used by many persons. Only available in Chinese as I know, and supported by Android and iOS + PC

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