Weekend trip to Nanjing by RV

Maxus RV80 from RV2GO is ready. Now some sleep and prepare for early morning trip
Heading for weekend trip to Nanjing by our rental RV. Best service station what i have encountered in China on the route

This is the second time we will be heading out by rental RV. The target is in Nanjing at the Tangshan RV camping site

Found an RV2GO rental close to Shanghai Disney World. New RV’s in line waiting for an adventure with the renters. There are many campers with terraces and BBQ spots, which can be rented for the long term or overnight.
The site looks well-equipped and family-friendly, and we plan to stay for a weekend in the future to check out the facilities and enjoy this Weekend trip in Nanjing by RV.
settled down the renting issues, we took a pop-up adventure to Disney town by local bus, and after 10 minutes, we enjoyed the scenery of every-night fireworks with hot coffee.

The Maxus RV60 performed OK with a 2L T Diesel engine. The only thing was the automatic gear that changed the gears poorly on manual gears. Like a jumping jackrabbit.

Tangshan Hot Springs RV Camping in Nanjing | RV2GO.com
RV2GO.com, Maxus have a nationwide rental/sales organization
Heading for weekend trip in Nanjing by RV | Maxus RV
RV rented in China. Maxus RV60, this was the second time we rented RV in China. The RV was ok but slightly small inside for 4 persons + a dog. It had all the necessities needed for the trip and the quality was reasonable.
Drivers seat Maxus RV
Chinese Maxus RV with Apple Car Play

Short video from the rental of the Maxus RV80. I can’t translate as the labor will be overwhelming for me.

We will give some ratings of the different campsites and the sightseeing spots we experience on our trips. These are purely our ratings; someone else might rate them differently.

Weekend trip to Nanjing by RV | Rush hour Shanghai
Rush hour on the way out of Shanghai

One of my favorite travel music. Check it out, Nightwish. Nightwish is a Finnish symphonic metal band from Kitee, Finland. Heavy music in this traffic always helps to lower my stress level, as you can see that I’m a fan of Finnish metal music. Check out Nightwish and enjoy the music. Recommendations go for “Ghost love score,” “Shoemaker,” “Poet and the pendulum,” and “The greatest show on earth” are some great ones.

Some Service stations that we visited on the way to Nanjing

Why do I take this up? Typically gasoline/service stations have a different level of standards here. This came up clearly during our trip to Inner Mongolia, and the service stations below are pure luxury.

In the north, the service stations are more or less only for filling fuel and having some essential snacks. Most of them are missing standard service equipment, for example, the compressor filling up the tires.

Some example pictures below of our Inner-Mongolia trip in 2021

Road trip Inner Mongolia
From our Inner Mongolia Road trip. Huge gasoline station with an even bigger restaurant area. Unfortunately, you could only get basics, chips, and drinks here
Inner Mongolia empty restaurant
As you can see the service station is filled with emptiness

Checking out three service stations on the way.

On our way to Nanjing, these three service stations are famous in China for the available service and look.

All services were available for body and car.

These stations are also recommended for a boondocking stay as security is 24/7 and services are available.

The first stop is Yangcheng Lake Service Center

Weekend trip to Nanjing by RV | Seeing RV on the road is not so common
Another RV on the road
QR code toilet paper, China
Collecting information when needed to wipe

China is very advanced in mobile phone technology. Even in toilets, you need to scan for QR codes with, for example, Alipay to get some paper. Is this good? They will collect the data when you need to wipe your butt. Many apps in China will ask for permission for contact, location, and so on. A similar to European GDPR (Chinese PIPL) is slowly coming, and let’s see how that will affect the data collection. Nothing is free. Even if you don’t pay for it with money, you pay in other ways.

Heading for weekend trip in Nanjing by RV | Another QR code needed to scan in China, collecting information unessessary
Why cant we have just normal rolls of paper

The Yangcheng Lake Service Center is not a traditional gasoline station. It is famous for its inner design and variable service and facilities.
On top of the essential gasoline, the station function is more like a medium-sized shopping mall, a Zen garden for resting and relaxation, a food street with various choices, and a gaming VR zone for kids. The inner design and decoration are like the mini Venice with water canals.

The Second stop is MeiCun Service Center, boondocking

We also stayed overnight in the parking lot, but remember, always keep a distance from the trucks in the parking lot. They were making noise constantly by coming and leaving.

Heading for weekend trip in Nanjing by RV | Everything needed available at service station
All needed for staying the night were available
Heading for weekend trip in Nanjing by RV
One more of the “better” Service centers
Burger King at the gasoline station in China
This is something we cannot reject. Sometimes you really urge for western food
Washing the dishes on the way to Nanjing
Washing the dishes on the way to Nanjing
Service station sign. It have everything you need for boondocking
This service station has it all.

The third was the Xianrenshan Service Center

Also called Fairy Mountain Service station
Also called Fairy Mountain Service station

The third stop is Xianrenshan Service Center.
The atmosphere and restaurants were satisfying, we had a nice stop here, and we were also to take our dog for a short walk. He seemed interested in swimming in the lake, but I didn’t even know if he could swim.

The next stopping place would be the Tangshan Hot Springs RV Camping.


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