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Wuzhen Old Water Town

Wutzhen water town canals
Boondocking at Wuzhen Old Water Town, a beautiful 1300 years old town, filled with canals and old building with tasty foods

After the unpleasant night at the Wuzhen International camping, we arrived here

After spending the night at Wuzhen camping, we decided to plunge into Wuzhen’s old water town and boondock in the parking area for the night. No other camping was in proximity, so we stayed at the parking lot. Whopping 20CNY for 24h our security + shops and restaurants available.

Wuzhen Old Water Town, lying in the northern part of Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province, is a typical ancient town in southern China. It is about 80 kilometers (50 miles) from both Hangzhou and Suzhou and 140 kilometers (87 miles) from Shanghai.

Wuzhen Old water town | Boon docking
We decided to boondock after the experience at the Wuzhen International camping. This parking lot seems suitable for us

Wuzhen, a 1300-year-old water town

We spent a whole day here, and it was amazing. All the narrow streets were filled with vendors with food and coffee shops. Enjoyable for the stomach and eyes. In the morning, busloads of people start to come, so better to be early at the gate to avoid the bigger crowds.

Wuzhen Old water town Gate
This is by the entrance to Wuzhen’s old Water Town. It might be centuries old
Wuzhen Old Water Town | narrow street
Taking a rest after long walks in the town

Heading home from our first RV trip

After the two nights spent in the Wuzhen area, we needed to head home again. We will surely continue the travels in China by RV or caravan. This trip was somehow a lesson learned.

We got good hints from the neighbors at the parking lot about additional accessories good to have, and the best was the application to be used in the future to find good places for camping and rental.

Woyouzijia (窝友自驾) app.

Woyouzijia logo
There is a very good app in China for travelers. There are also other apps that you can use. Check our page for more information.
Unfortunately only in Chinese. The name is Woyouzijia (窝友自驾). You can rent company/private RVs and check for camping/boondocking locations from it. No web page is available, only as an app for Android or IOS
Wuzhen, rental, RV
I think the kids had a great weekend, and now is time to take some rest
Wuzhen, rental, RV , Shanghai
This is back to the normal Shanghai, with traffic jams by the tollway booth


Nice weekend with minor issues at the camping. Wuzhen Old water town is a place you must visit to see and taste. Weekend trip from Shanghai is easy as driving by the G50 highway takes less than two hours.

CrissCrossChina review
Boondocking at Wuzhen Old Water Town, a beautiful 1300 years old town, filled with canals and old building with tasty foods
Wutzhen water town canals

Our evaluation of the sightseeing

Kids Fun factor
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  • An authentic town with old-style houses
  • The food. Many small stands where you can get all types and tastes. Coffee shops available
  • Boondocking in the parking lot, 24/7 security, and it cost only 20CNY/night
  • Public toilets available
  • Close to the sightseeing spot
  • Restaurants for the evening closeby


  • It is a parking lot, and no water or electricity is available
  • Tour buses arriving in the morning with tour guides' megaphones
  • No cooking outside allowed
  • It might be crowded on Chinese holidays

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